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1:1 Coaching

Sometimes, all you need is a listening ear, evidence-based information and the right tools to get you started on your path of healing. 

Consultations are centered around information, education and guidance regarding your body, cycle, periods and sexuality.

These sessions are for people who are struggling with something, don't feel bigger coaching programs are a fit, but just need support to get started. 

This is for you if you want to:
✓ feel seen and not want to be called crazy 
✓ have the feeling that someone finally listens to you

✓ want to be taken seriously
✓ experience personal coaching tailored to their needs

✓ receive tools, information and guidance that help you grow and heal

✓ be provided with a safe space to share your full story and finally move forward

People who have booked a consultation with me often report them as 'life-changing', 'magical'  and 'soooo on-point'. 

Not only do they now know how to tend to their cyclical bodies and have the next steps in their healing crystal clear, but they also make choices that are in full alignment with who they are. Some change relationships, others heal their menstrual pain as if invoked by magic, there are women who change jobs that are more in line with their desires, others ovulate while they haven't in a very long time, and some even fall pregnant.


Your body is so much more than you think it is, and it's my job to help you remember the wisdom within -- through practical, holistic, somatic, sacred and scientific tools.

We offer coaching packages of 3, 6 and 9 months.  We are currently at full capacity but you can get on the waitlist and be the first one to hear when spots open again.


Start your journey of understanding your body and supporting your hormones

Do you need more guidance and are you committed to get to the root of what may be going on with your cycle? Then 1:1 in-depth coaching programs are for you. You can choose to work with me for 3, 6 or 9 months. 

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