Hi, my name is Iris Josephina

I am a Holistic Cycle Guide + Hormonal Health Coach


I help cyclical folks like you harness + balance their hormones & welcome the wisdom + science of their cyclical body and periods.

It’s an honor to welcome you here.

In my work as a hormonal health coach & holistic cycle guide, I teach people with menstrual cycles to live, work and lead according to the cyclical nature of their bodies so they can experience more flow, ease and harmony in life.

Since your body is the place from where you live and love — your body and its cycles are the place where you should naturally begin when you desire to come home to YOU and living the life you desire.

"Menstrual cycle education is your birthright. It can help you gain body literacy, agency + sovereignty over your health and body. This will make it possible to start addressing the root cause of your cyclical symptoms and help you heal.

- Iris Josephina

Does this sound familiar?

You notice something is ‘off’ with your menstrual cycle.

There are all these
symptoms showing up in your body and you wonder what do to about them. Are you seeing any of these?

  • PMS, mood swings and/or depression

  • very heavy and painful periods

  • periods that are only showing up now & then or did go MIA all together 

  • you have been diagnosed with PCOS

  • short menstrual cycles

  • low sex drive

  • fatigue & burn-out symptoms

  • irregular periods

  • post-hormonal birth control issues

You witness your body giving you all these symptoms but when you seek help the only things you hear are something in the lines of:

”It’s probably in your head.”
”This is just how it is, pain is part of having a menstrual cycle.”
”You can start taking the Pill.”


But deep down you do not feel satisfied with these answers, because you just intuitively know and feel there is another way to go about your period problems.

I hear you!

And I believe you.

And let me tell you something else:
you. are. not. crazy!


Nice to meet you, I'm Iris Josephina!

I was once where you are: not having a clue about my cycle, suffering with intense period cramps, being on the pill for too long and experiencing post-hormonal birth control symptoms up to 4 years after quitting, acne, trouble sleeping.. and one day I decided it was enough.

I stopped believing this was it - that I was doomed to be in hell every single month and that my body was designed to cause me pain.

I was determined to find other ways to relate to my cycle & period, and started my journey.

A decade later, I am a trained holistic cycle guide, birth worker and hormonal health coach. I have apprenticed with traditional midwives, mastered essential hormonal expertise, and I am ready to help you heal your period, too.

"When I connected to my period, and my cycle, my life changed forever. I live from a place of deep connection to my body, the earth and the people around me."
- Iris Josephina

I want you to know that it is possible to:

  • support your hormones to balance naturally

  • cultivate a lasting + loving relationship to your body, cycles and period

  • ease period pain 

  • move from not knowing WTF is happening in your body to learning your own unique rhythms

  • get support from someone who takes you seriously

  • take charge of your cyclical health

  • live your life in sync & flow with your menstrual cycle

  • schedule your calendar around your menstrual cycle

  • ditch the feelings of constant burn-out

  • heal post-hormonal birth control and get your own cycle back

Start your cyclical journey

Body & Blood

The revolutionary menstrual cycle foundations course you wished you had way earlier.

The Cyclical CEO

A 6 month body + business training to build your empire with ease, rest & abundance -- without burning out.

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“Iris is a phenomenal coach and businesswoman! Her one-on-one coaching and group programs are profound and deeply healing for anyone who has had the privilege of working with her. I can think of no better person to expertly guide you on this healing journey than Iris Josephina, whose one-of-a-kind visionary wisdom is far beyond her years.

Nicole Jardim Headshot copy.jpg

Nicole Jardim

Certified Women's Health Coach and author of Fix Your Period

“Iris is the kind of mentor everyone should have in their life. Her knowledge, wisdom, passion, depth, sweetness and badassery are truly a gift birthed into this world.”

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Jasmine Alicia Carter

Menstrual Artist
Woman Empowerment Mentor
Founder of Sacress

“Iris completely changed my life. No doctor could help me fix my period problems and I was sent home with the only option to start the Pill — the one thing I did no want. Iris helped me to get to the root cause of my period problems and gave me so many good tips to keep my cycle balanced and make the time of my period sacred with her epic concept of creating a period retreat.”

Image by Meritt Thomas

Nikki V.

1:1 client

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