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in all cycles of your life

plant seeds to feel
at home in your body

body literacy ◎ body choices ◎ body belonging

for people who move through cycles

from periods to postpartum

Welcome, dear one. 

My name is Iris Josephina, I am a cycle + sexual well-being consultant, 

full spectrum doula, and a holistic midwife in training.

I believe it is possible for you to feel like you belong, truly belong in your own body, throughout all its cycles. 

One thing I learned in my years of being in a body and working in the field of holistic cycle + sexual health, and working in the field of pregnancy, birth & postpartum, is that we need to bring back the sense of belonging & feeling at ease in our bodies first before anything else can happen.
This is a continuous practice. 
The body is the starting point for everything in life.

From there, healing & making informed choices throughout all cycles
- from periods to postpartum - can begin.

Allow me to help you find the way back home.


- Iris Josephina | founder of Cycle Seeds

About Cycle Seeds

I'm Iris and I founded Cycle Seeds to help you cultivate a sense of belonging in your own body, throughout all phases of its ever-changing landscape. Cycle Seeds stands for body literacy, informed body choices an body-belonging throughout all cycles of life.

I'm here to help you understand your own anatomy & physiology (instead of fearing it) and how to tend to your body in the most efficient ways to move through all your cycles, knowing your options and experiencing a deep sense of belonging. 

I offer courses & programs, workshops, 1:1 consults, and immersion retreats.

My main focus in my work is helping you understand where your body is, and what it needs from you.

I work with menstrual cycle awareness, natural fertility methods, experiential anatomy, body-mind centering, pelvic awareness, evidence based research, science, body literacy, breath & movement, holistic pregnancy, birth & postpartum education + care + midwifery practices.

Cycle Seeds is here to gently midwife people where they belong in the first place: at home in their bodies.

You + Cycle Seeds

Courses & Programs

Holistic Pregnancy, Birth + Postpartum Care

1:1 work

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Cycle Seeds is currently based on Gozo (Malta), working globally.