I'm Iris Josephina

I am a holistic hormonal health coach & embodied cyclical leadership guide

I support you to awaken to the wisdom of your cyclical body
and reclaim your power, pleasure & purpose.

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xoxo Iris

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Hi! I'm Iris

I am a Hormonal Health Coach with a background in holistic women's health, traditional midwifery, medical anthropology & women's studies.

I've had my own fair share of menstrual cycle issues, post-birth control syndrome and miscarriage. I noticed that in the healing of all of these experiences, there was no holistic support available that looked at mind, body and spirit. That's why I founded Cycle Seeds.

In all my years working with women in pregnancy, birth, postpartum and around their menstrual cycles I noticed that there is a link between how women feel in their body throughout each phase, the support they do or do not receive and the issues they develop: menstrual cycle issues, depression, burn-out, eating disorders, body image issues.

Patriarchal society tells us to adapt to linear structures, to meet expectations that are almost impossible and to put our own self + our cyclical nature aside to obey the productivity-minded grind culture. This can lead to stress and feeling like you are never enough.

My mission is to show you that it is possible to reconnect to your inner rhythms, reclaim your body as sacred and that you are the creator of your own life.
When you walk the womb way, reclaim yourself and become the purposeful leader the world needs right now, everything changes.


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