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Terms & Conditions

Read this information carefully.

Cycle Seeds is a platform and company that aims to be as open-minded, inclusive and respectful as possible.

All information shared, is a collection of insights, research and knowledge gathered along the way of the creation and building of this company. We are aware that sometimes, we are biased and we do not know it all. On top of that, we are very aware that being in a body is a highly personal experience, and that our physical, emotional, psychological, mental, and spiritual experiences shape who we are and how our bodies manifest.

Therefore, we are aware that some information might not suit you and your specific body, needs or journey. We hope you find something that does. If there are any things that need change or you have suggestions, please let us know and we will our very best to make it better. We are open to growing with our community and what it needs.

Terms & Conditions regarding Content

  • Please tag Cycle Seeds when using any content or photos shared on this website.

  • Always ask to use copy and only share after written permission has been given.

  • Please always mention as source when using quotes or paraphrasing Cycle Seeds' work.

Terms & Conditions regarding 1:1 Work

  • For 1:1 work special contracts and agreements will be shared and signed upon starting work together. 

  • For consultations we have a 24h cancellation policy: up to 24h before your appointment, cancellation is possible (preferably written).

Terms & Conditions regarding Courses

  • Please keep all content for yourself. We understand the content might inspire you or bring positive change to your life, but we ask to not share actual content (PDFs, audio, video) with third parties. Referring to Cycle Seeds is of course possible.

Terms & Conditions regarding Classes / Workshops

  • All classes are taught in collaboration with yoga studios / other companies. For each of these classes you are referred to the Terms & Policies of the studio where the class/workshop is taught.