Virtual Doula Services

online full spectrum doula services for parents-to-be

virtual doula services

Birth and postpartum preparation during pregnancy is the most important work I do with my clients. I find it very important you are informed regarding the choices you can make concerning pregnancy, birth, postpartum -- for yourself, your baby and your family.

Being informed helps you move through pregnancy, prenatal visits with your doctor/midwife/OB with more grace and ease. Knowing your options encourages you to enter the space of birth confidently, as you wish and on your own terms. It also gives the partner tools to engage at their own capacity and comfort.

These services are a convenient option for people who desire that extra bit of support during pregnancy and their immediate postpartum period, yet do not desire in-person birth support or do not have a local doula available.

Having emotional and informational support from a doula has been proven to comfort parents-to-be and encourages positive birth outcomes and experiences.

All sessions take place via Zoom.

Virtual Doula Services:

  • initial meeting via Zoom to get to know each other and ask me questions

  • prenatal informational session regarding your options (all information is evidence based)

  • prenatal session regarding your labor/birth/postpartum wishes, concerns & fears (for both you and your partner)

  • prenatal session about what your partner can do for you during birth (coping techniques, pain relief, communication skills)

  • on call support from 21 weeks up to 2 weeks postpartum via text/What's App, phone, and e-mail (availability during office hours)

  • 24/7 on call support from  37 weeks on until labor starts via text/What's App, phone, and e-mail

  • phone/video call support if needed during labor -- this is ideal to ask questions and to ask for guidance when you are unsure when to leave to the hospital/birth center

  • go-to person for your partner during labor if they need to ask a question or need advice on how to support you

  • postpartum support call

What I do NOT do:

  • provide you with in-person support

  • judge your choices

  • make decisions for you or your partner

  • give medical advice

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