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Support Your Body After Birth Control

A 5 week course to unlock all the secrets to get  your menstrual cycle back on track after hormonal birth control.  Support your body with information, tools and nourishment that work.

This program is definitely a right fit for you if you:

✓ Are ready to conceive in the near future but want to give your body time to get back to normal cycles before getting pregnant
✓ Want to know
how to bring your period back since it went missing after you quit hormonal birth control

✓ Are experiencing intense mood swings that disrupt your life and relationships

✓ Are worrying about how your body will respond when you get off of birth control

✓ Are wondering where your sex-drive went or why sex hurts

✓ Are curious about the 'you' (and your mind+body) off of hormonal birth control

✓ Are terrified your skin will break out after birth control

✓ Are flipping out about your hormones going nuts off of hormonal birth control 

Are you feeling extremely seen right now? I need you to know that I got you. This course is PACKED with all the information you need to get off of your hormonal birth control safely and supported.


Doors are currently closed.
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Have you been thinking about quitting your hormonal birth control?
Or did you just quit and have the feeling your body is going nuts?

Let me tell you something: it IS possible to support your body going off of hormonal birth control AND it is possible to feel great again (even though it maybe doesn't feel like that right now).

Balancing my body after birth control and paying attention to my cycles changed the game completely for me:

  • I restored my energy levels and I feel amazing in my body.

  • My cycles are regular and pain-free.

  • I have minimal mood swings

  • I healed my cystic acne

  • I have cultivated a loving relationship with my body - it literally feels like we are friends and we just get each other and it feels amazing (:

If you are ready to experience a life off of hormonal birth control, and get to know your body + brain running on YOUR OWN sex hormones, then this course is for you!

Imagine this:

✓ no more low libido, depression and other side effects caused by hormonal birth control

✓ a life where YOU are in charge -- and you're not numbed out by synthetic hormones

✓ an opportunity to learn to appreciate the unique ebbs and flows of your OWN cycle 

✓ a fertile body that supports optimal function of your heart, bones, brain, metabolism, reproductive health, and nutrient absorption

✓ a deep understanding of your own unique menstrual cycle patterns

✓ feeling confident and educated about using non-hormonal birth control options

Are you ready for this? Then THE CYCLE CODE is here for you!

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What THE CYCLE CODE includes:

Module 1

✺ Preparing your Body  

✓ all the steps you need to take before you get off
✓ how to get off various types of hormonal birth control 

✓ what to expect when you quit and how to mitigate potential side effects

Module 2

✺ Supporting your Body

✓ how to support your body the first 3 months and after that

✓ all dietary support, lifestyle practices, supplements & herbal remedies that can support you in your journey

Module 3

✺ Healing your Body 

✓ overview of all the body systems that may require healing

✓ steps to address your gut health, blood sugar and liver health

✓ in depth steps to address stress (+ your thyroid and adrenal health)

Module 4

✺ Empowered Birth Control 

✓ an overview of all forms of non-hormonal contraception

✓ an in-depth explanation of the Fertility Awareness Method 

Bonus Module

✺ BONUS: Menstrual Cycle Physiology

✓ a full class that focuses on helping you understand the physiology of the menstrual cycle, each of the four phases, all important hormones, etc. so you know what a regular menstrual cycle looks like


✓ LIVE Q&A with Iris

✓ access to the private Cycle Code community group to support one another and share your wins

✓ all content in audio file so you can also listen on the go

✓ Cyclical Meals recipe ebook

✓ Fertility Charting ebook

This course is PACKED with valuable science-backed and evidence-based content to help you on your journey off of birth control

4 modules + 1 bonus module FULL of the exact steps and information to transition off of birth control

VALUE: €497

1,5 hour live Q&A and hot seat coaching with Iris

VALUE: €297

5x workbooks 
VALUE: €67

Cyclical Meals recipe e-book
VALUE: €13


Cycle Charting e-book

VALUE: €14



The Cycle Code is priced according to 2 pricing tiers:

1) €447 regular price
2) €297 for those with lower income


What are you waiting for?

You DESERVE to feel good, radiant and confident in your body.

I know that hormonal birth control sometimes robs us from all those things. Please know that you. are. not. alone. And that there is support to help you get on this journey and feel nourished, supported and safe in your body along the way.

I believe that we all deserve honest, transparent and evidence-based information when it comes to healing our bodies after hormonal birth control.

You have the power to choose what is best for you and it is my promise to you that this course will 100% guide you in the right direction. 



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What others are saying

Payment CycleCode
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Meet your coach, Iris Josephina

Hi there!

My name is Iris Josephina, and I was once where you most likely are: struggling with my cycle, having THE most intense symptoms both on the Pill AND after I quit. Just to name a few: loss of sex drive, nutrient deficiencies, crazy mood swings, intense PMS, my skin breaking out all over my body, hair loss on my head, hair growth on my chin,  and one contraceptive pill even numbed my leg for a whole 26 hours when I was in the Colombian jungle! Yikes!

While I *really* wanted hormonal birth control to work for me, I had to discover the hard way that hormonal contraceptives were not for me.


I did everything in my power to heal my body, read every single book I could, studied hormonal health, functional nutrition and more to make sure I would successfully balance my hormones after birth control-- I now have a regular cycle with robust ovulation every single month + healthy looking period blood and I feel great in every cycle phase.

I do not want ANYONE to go through to what I went through because.. OMG all the stress, anxiety, discomfort, crazy episodes I went through, aah!!
...So allow me to show you how you can make sure you have all the tools to
transition off of hormonal birth control safely and supported.


I cannot wait to meet you -- and to see you take charge of your hormonal health, cycle and fertility!

xoxo Iris Josephina

Cycle wins after working with Iris

  • When does this course start?
    Doors are currently closed and will open again later this year/early next year.
  • How much is the course?
    The total price of the course (incl. VAT) is €447 which can be paid in full, 5 payments of €90 or 10 payments of €45. There is a special price tier of €297 for those who have a lower income, belong to BIPOC communities, are students or single parents.
  • What kind of hormonal birth control do you cover?
    This course covers the Pill, hormonal IUD, patch, Nuvaring, and shot -- and how to get off of them. I will also briefly talk about the copper IUD.
  • How long will I have access to the course?
    How does lifelong sound? (: I do not want to limit people with the material but give you peace of mind to always have the option to get back to it.
  • Will I be able to have a 1:1 session with Iris?
    Not in the course, but it is possible to upgrade the course to €555 to include a 60 minute session if you need some extra time 1:1. Get in touch via if you want more information.
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