Women's Wellness

Yoga Retreat

Siargao Island || Philippines

5 April - 15 April 2021

Rest + Restore + Revive
your precious feminine body

Most of us are rest-deficient in this linear
go go go world. The first place where we often notice this, is our menstrual cycle.
Our cycles are a vital sign of health, but when they're off, it's time to pay attention.

This is your invitation to slow. the. F. down, connect with your womb and reclaim your overall wellness wealth.

Do you hear yourself saying often you really need a break?

Do you often forget you are even in a body?

Do you experience a disconnect with your cyclical side because you have to hustle in a linear world?

Do you crave connecting more to your cycle, your pelvis, and your pleasure?

Do you really need some yoga, sun, sea and vitamin D (which happens to be 'the period vitamin!')

Do you want to get yourself on a plane and take a well-deserved vacay?


Please woman.

Listen to these messages you are hearing.
Your body is telling you things you probably should have listened to a looong while ago.

It is time you start answering the calls of your body, take time for yourself and take the first steps to your cyclical wellness in a group of like-minded women.

You deserve to say YES to yourself.
You deserve to unwind.
You deserve to learn about your body.
You deserve to leave everything behind to take care of YOU and feel fucking good about that.

We have to ditch this toxic culture of guilt-tripping women for taking damn good care of themselves.

2020 is the perfect time to give zero fucks about what other people think of your choices and choose YOU and YOU and YOU.

It's time to start respecting our feminine qualities and honor our cyclical nature once and for all.

I'm inviting you for 10 days of self-care, yoga, dancing, wellness, massages, surfing, island hopping, amazing vegetarian food and time just for YOU -- on the gorgeous island of Siargao in the Philippines.

"What Bali was like in the 90s"
according to NatGeo Traveller (:
- Iris Josephina, founder of Cycle Seeds

If you want to:

✓ learn how to implement deep rest in your day-to-day life

✓ become the guardian of your own {womb + overall} wellness

✓ ditch your tired AF feels and feel radiantly healthy and restored

✓ become a more aligned version of yourself

✓ restore your relationship to your body and its feminine power

✓ break free from your masculine productivity mindsets and balance our your life by embracing your feminine too

✓ allow yourself to indulge in rest, wellness, paradise unapologetically

...then DON'T miss this retreat. It only will be offered ONCE and is limited to 15 women.

What's included?

✓ daily yoga, breath & movement practices

✓ daily womb & cycle wellness workshops

✓ 2 vegetarian meals per day

✓ 2 massages

✓ surf & paddleboarding lessons

✓ full day island hopping

✓ slow bike ride

✓ Siargao island tour

✓ day hike to Corregidor island


all travel + visa costs

Sometimes it is time to unwind...

Most of us with a menstrual cycle are rest-deficient in this linear go go go world. Sometimes it is just time to unwind. To unplug and to connect to your inner resources and to fully commit to rest and restoring the body.

This retreat focuses specifically on that. You are taking care of your body through good food, meditation, enough sleep, and gentle exercise, and taking care of your mind and soul by bringing peace, quiet and slowness to the table.

Every day I will take you through a slow, gentle morning yoga flow - primarily focusing on helping your body to restore your hormonal balance. I will share amazing self-care knowledge and wisdom that works. I do not share anything that I do not implement in my own life. These practices can come to full bloom when the environment we're in is fully supportive of our wellness and well-being; the location of the retreat offers precisely that.


Is this Retreat for You?

I cannot wait to take you on this beautiful immersion for women who are ready to take the lead when it comes to their own wellness.

The world is showing us more and more {burn-out anyone???} that the path of grind, force, struggle and overwhelm is no longer the way forward.
It's time for nap culture, feminine flow, and cyclical wellness. You will complete this retreat as a completely new woman -- a woman who has reclaimed her right to rest and who is completely in charge of her own womb- and overall wellness.

This is a rest deeply-rewire your nervous system for rest-and-feminine-living immersion.

During this 10 day intimate retreat you'll:

✓ experience your nervous system remembering what deep rest is

✓ recall that you are a woman who moves through cycles

✓ connect with other amazing women just like you

✓ clear your resistance to truly rest because productivity-minded culture is far away

✓ map out a cyclical body-friendly plan to implement everything learned in your daily life

✓ feast your eyes and taste buds on Mama Nature's amazingness

✓ deeply clear limiting beliefs that impair your ultimate wellness

✓ intimately commune with your beautiful body and all the messages it has been trying to send you for way too long

✓ come back home to YOU

I am a full supporter of your wellness and would love to hear why you would like to join this retreat. 

Your Host

Iris Josephina

Iris (BSc, MA) is a cycle + sexual well-being consultant, doula (full spectrum -- pregnancy, birth & postpartum) and holistic midwife in training. Her work evolves around our menstrual and life cycles from periods to postpartum. In all her work, the main focus lays on getting to know our bodies (gaining body literacy), sharing tools to make informed body choices and cultivating a sense of body belonging throughout all changes and cycles our bodies move through. With a background in dancing, she is passionate about the well-being of the moving body and its place in the world, and how to facilitate this through experiential anatomy, conscious movement, breath, and body awareness.



Early Bird: €2050 (until December 6)
Regular price: €2250

***Payment plans are totally available***
Talk to Jazmine, my retreat manager via jazmine@createspace.yoga 


These prices include 2 royal meals per day, 2 massages, all workshops, stay,
all yoga classes, use of facilities, excursions, and 1:1.
This price excludes all travel costs + visas.


Please note:

This retreat is a collaboration between Create Space Retreats & Cycle Seeds -- payments go through Create Space Retreats.
The above mentioned price includes stay, meals, and all retreat activities.
Travel & visa costs are not included.





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