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Connecting to & deeply remembering the wisdom of your cyclical body. 

Do you feel rest-deficient, a lack of pleasure in your life and maybe even stuck in your body while living  in this linear patriarchal go-go-go world? 

You may notice this stuck-ness manifest in your menstrual cycle and your body, mainly your pelvic area.


Our womb cycles are a vital sign and barometer of our overall health. Most of us submit to a pace that is not in integrity with our inner cycles and then our body starts to give us all the signs.

This retreat is your invitation to slowww down, connect with your womb, cycle, pelvis and reclaim your overall wellness.

Image by Siim Lukka

Rest. Restore. Realign. Revive. Remember.

Most of us do not prioritize our rest and caring for our womb, cycle and pussy. But sometimes it is just time to unwind. To unplug and to connect to your inner resources and to fully commit to rest and restoring the body.

This retreat focuses specifically on that. You are taking care of your body through good food, meditation, enough sleep, and gentle exercise, and taking care of your mind and soul by bringing peace, quiet and slowness to the table.

Every day I will take you through a
slow, gentle morning womb wellness yoga flow - primarily focusing on helping your body to restore your hormonal balance, activating your pelvic potential and awakening your cyclical body. I will share amazing knowledge and wisdom that works. I do not share anything that I do not implement in my own life.


These practices can come to full bloom when the environment we're in is fully supportive of our wellness and well-being; the epic luxury location of the retreat offers precisely that.


This retreat is for you if:

✓ you are ready to spend 7 days and focus on YOU and your cyclical body

✓ you want to break free from patriarchal productivity mindsets and connect to the softness and cyclical nature of your body

✓ you want to become a guardian of your own health and womb wellness

✓ you are ready to  shift from feeling tired and low to feeling radiant and juicy in your own body

✓ you desire to restore and deepen your relationship to your womb, cycle and pelvis
✓ you want to feel
confident and safe in your own body

✓ you want to learn how to care for yourself in each phase of your menstrual cycle

✓ you are ready to reclaim your right to rest and feel in charge of your health and wellness
✓ you are craving for
 connection with other cyclical beings

Is this you? Then Womb Wellness Retreat is for YOU!!!

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Our Retreat Home

The themes we will unveil


yoga, somatic
+ breathwork for
womb wellness


embodiment + fertility awakening

womb healing +
breath activation as sacred roadmap for rooting in your cyclical body

remembering of ancient cycle wisdom that resides in your body

practical knowledge and wisdom for everyday cycle care

About your host

Hi! My name is Iris Josephina - I am a yoga teacher (specialized in yoga for fertility, yoga for pelvic health and hormone yoga), hormonal health coach and I am super passionate about people coming home to their cyclical bodies. 

My work revolves around our menstrual and life cycles and the main focus lays on
getting to know our body in the most intimate and truthful way through practices, tools, wisdom and knowledge that works.
Zero-fluff and straight to the goodness! 
My aim is to
guide you into your own body - in a safe, gentle and trauma-informed. The practices we will learn are a life-long tool to keep coming back home to your body in every phase of your changing life cycles.

Topics/practices we will focus on during our classes:
✓ yoga & breathwork for womb wellness
✓  womb healing visualizations
✓ cyclical wisdom
✓ your cycle + nutrition, cyclical planning, embodied hormonal wisdom
✓ self massage
✓ sensual movement
✓ pelvic embodiment
✓ pleasure in all its forms
✓ somatic ceremony + healing 
✓ ..and more!


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What is included in the price:

7 nights at a 4 star resort connected to the beach
✓ 10+ womb yoga classes, circles & workshops with Iris
✓ 2 delicious meals per day
✓ 1 one-hour massage
✓ day of hiking
✓ use of pool + spa area
✓ sailing the Mediterranean sea

✓ kayaking

✓ Costa Brava day tour

airport transfer (2 ways)



Deposit to secure your spot: €300 

ends 19 March 2022

Triple share: €2500
Twin share: €2700
Single room: €3300

starts 20 March 2022

Triple share: €2650
Twin share: €2850
Single room: €3450

Payment plans are available.

Retreat overview


pick up from Barcelona airport and 1:15h drive to retreat location
✓ refreshments and check-in
✓ optional afternoon walk 
✓ evening opening circle + brief intro workshop: Flow - Planning Your Life According to your Cycle
✓ dinner (included)

morning womb wellness yoga & somatic movement
✓ breakfast (included)
✓ relaxing beach day to land
workshop: Fluency - Embodied Hormonal Wisdom
✓ dinner (included)


 workshop: Spiral: Somatic Movement for Womb Wellness
✓ breakfast (included)
✓ day out kayaking (fresh lunch included)
✓ evening free 
✓ dinner (excluded)


✓ breakfast (included)
✓ day out exploring old villages (Platja de Calella and Girona) and channeling our inner queen as we visit GOT sets and soak in the landscapes (lunch included)
✓ evening relaxing and unwinding / optional: sharing circle
✓ dinner (excluded)


✓ morning womb wellness yoga and somatic movement 
✓ breakfast (included)
✓ gentle hike through Massís de les Cadiretes (lunch included)
workshop: Nourish: Menstrual Cycle Awareness & Healing Through Nutrition
✓ dinner (excluded)


✓ morning womb wellness yoga and somatic movement
✓ breakfast (included)
✓ day relaxing and unwinding 
workshop: Nectar: Anatomies of Sensuality & Sexuality
✓ dinner (included)


✓ morning womb wellness yoga and somatic movement
✓ breakfast (included)
✓ half day of sailing the Mediterranean sea -- snorkling, swimming the crystal clear waters and sunbathing (light lunch and refreshments included)
✓ evening free / optional: sharing circle
✓ dinner (included)


✓ last breakfast (included) to conclude our journey together
✓ walks on the beach or swimming
✓ transfer to the airport (included)


*Schedule is subject to changes.


Reconnect to your cyclical body, nourish your womb, and juice up your pleasure portals while soaking up vitamin D, eating delicious food and royally rest up your whole body. 

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Jasmine Alicia Carter

Menstrual Artist | Woman Empowerment Mentor | Founder of Sacress
“Iris is the kind of mentor everyone should have in their life. Her knowledge, wisdom, passion, depth, sweetness and badassery are truly a gift birthed into this world.”

Image by Clayton Cardinalli


retreat participant
"I did a 1- day retreat with Iris and it completely changed my life! I will never look at my body and cycle the same way. She gave me such incredible tools to accept my body and love my cycle."



"I can honestly say that I feel so different in my body since I started paying attention to each phase of my cycle. I have read books on the menstrual cycle but never had I experience such a practical, down-to-earth approach as Iris offers. So grateful I found her!"

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This retreat is a collaboration between Creating Space Retreats and Cycle Seeds.
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