A 45min Pick my Brain session with Iris via Zoom.

What can you bring to these kind of sessions?

  • a simple question that you want answer to
  • you don't know where to start and you want me to guide you to a starting point to solving your issue
  • questions that are not too complex and not require a deeper consultation
  • questions regarding nutrition, information, supplements, menstrual cycle charts that are brief and require a short clear answer


What you get:

✓ Quick and clear advice about What, Why & How

✓ Knowledge about what is the most important thing in your situation and other things you can focus on 

✓ Information about the different ways/approaches you can go about your issue 

✓ Tips for relevant articles, blogposts, podcasts etc

After purchasing you can book your session via the link that has been sent to you. 

45min Pick my Brain

€ 97,00Price
  • There are no refunds available.
    A client can reschedule an appointment at no additional fee 48h before a scheduled session.
    If a client wants to reschedule a meeting 24h or less before a scheduled session, a 25euro fee applies.