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postpartum consultation

The transition to parenthood thru the portal of birth can be an intense and overwhelming journey. After birth, the body, mind and spirit need tending. This consultation is totally tailored to your needs. You might need birth story sharing, an unfolding of the emotional & physiological aspects of your birth, help with  postpartum planning of your family, or tips on postpartum self-care -- whatever you feel called to receive support with.

A postpartum consultation takes 1,5 hour and costs €120.

rebozo closing ritual

For more information about the rebozo closing ritual that I do with my sister Ana (MSc, postpartum doula & lymphatic drainage therapist) check our website -->

in-home night doula support

The tender postpartum starts right after the birth of your baby. A postpartum doula is here to support the mother and help nurture the new family in this new life change. A postpartum doula is a go-to soure who ansers all questions you may have. She also provides assurance, and communicates in a non-judgemental way so parents feel safe to develop their own ways of parenting. Moving through matrescence (the process of becoming a mother) can happen with ease and grace when continuous support by a postpartum doula is provided to the mother.

Seeking help from a night doula can offer the mother much needed rest.

New motherhood is characterized by little sleep -- a nighttime doula's task is to take care of the baby/babies while mama sleeps. You can provide pumped milk or formula (whatever your feeding choice has been). A night doula feeds and nurtures the baby, changes nappies and soothes the baby back to sleep. 

Getting some more rest is vital in a mother's healing and her ability to maintain a healthy body, mind and a peaceful daily life. 

No matter whether you breast or bottle feed -- a nighttime doula can help you. 

Night doula support costs €25 per hour (one baby) // €35 per hour (twins).

Get in touch to schedule your nighttime support or ask your questions.



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