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Episode 23 - Redefining Wellness: Embarking on a Holistic Hormone & Cycle Coaching Revolution

In this episode Iris sits down her Cycle Seeds team member Suzanne to chat about the journey to become a Certified Holistic Hormone & Cycle Coach. Topics covered

  • Why Iris created the HHCC training

  • What the HHCC training is

  • Who the HHCC training is for

  • How you know whether this training is for you

  • The importance of Holistic Hormone & Cycle Coaching on top of mainstream care

More info about Iris and her background: My name is Iris Josephina, and I am the founder of Cycle Seeds.My journey started when I was doing research as a cultural anthropologist in India and was fascinated by the field of medical anthropology. By attending births as a researcher, I understood on a visceral level that I wanted to work in the field of cyclical health. After graduating as an anthropologist (BSc), I continued my education and became a birth worker/doula and started my own company. I attended births and realized a lot of people have no idea how their bodies work and that my support had to start way earlier, before people get pregnant. I studied Yoga for Fertility, Well Women Yoga and Yoga for Pelvic Health and started supporting people with hands-on practice and classes. When I was working for a while, I missed studying so I completed a Master's Degree in Gender Studies (MA) where I specialized in gender diversity and reproductive justice, and graduated with a thesis about data distribution and safety of menstrual cycle apps. After spending time in the academic world, I desired to get back into the practical field of actually helping people and continued my studies. I am also a member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research. After supporting clients for so long, I am now 100% dedicated to pass on my knowledge to the next generation of people who want to work in the field of hormone & cycle health. After 10 years in the field, I am a certified, trained and trauma-responsive Functional Hormone Specialist, Hormonal Health Coach, and Orthomolecular Advisor. Apart from mastering essential hormonal expertise through extensive training "the Western way" over the past 10 years, I also have apprenticed with indigenous midwives from Colombia and Mexico to learn traditional midwifery skills and knowledge on cyclical health. On top of that, I am blessed to call incredible doctors, OBGYNs and practitioners my friends and team. Holistic Hormone & Cycle Coaching Training Are you thinking about becoming a Holistic Hormone & Cycle Coach? Join our globally recognized 9 month certification training! As a listener of the Planting Seeds Podcast you get an additional €100 off by using the code PODCAST at checkout. >> More information + apply << Follow us on social media Holistic Hormone & Cycle Coaching Training Instagram Cycle Seeds Instagram

Tune in here

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