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Episode 21 - The Vulnerable Conversation with an Holistic OBGYN We All Need with Dr. Nathan Riley

In this episode Iris sits down with holistic OBGYN Dr. Nathan Riley - and phewww this is such a deep vulnerable conversation! Nathan is such a wealth of wisdom and a breath of fresh air in the sometimes heavy field of gynecology.

Topics covered:

  • Nathan’s journey through med school and as an OBGYN

  • What is holism and why is it important

  • How to understand a client in front of us

  • What to look at beyond the physical

  • Taking responsibility and agency over our cyclical experiences

  • The sacred rite of passage of birth

  • The connection between birth and death

  • And so much more!

About Nathan:

Nathan Riley is an obgyn and end of life physician. He provides comprehensive women's healthcare in a truly holistic way, taking into account the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health in addition to the physical. He's a father of two, the second of whom was born at home. He is married to his highschool sweetheart, and he operates through a private association (Beloved Holistics, PCA) providing support to women and families who need support with fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, menopausal transition, and otherwise gynecologic. He also offers himself as a collaborator to midwives and health coaches around the country in order to optimize their autonomy as practitioners.

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