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Episode 20 - Womb Sovereignty, the Cyclical Continuum & Holistic Miscarriage and Abortion Care

In this episode Iris sits down with Samantha Zipporah, who is a midwife, author and educator. This conversation invites you to think about the natural process of pregnancy loss in a whole different way. Get ready for a super vulnerable yet empowering conversation that can spark inspiration to start similar conversations in your own community.

Topics covered:

  • Samantha’s story as a midwife

  • The cyclical / womb continuum

  • Similarities in miscarriage and abortion physiology

  • The 4 pillars of care

  • Holistic pregnancy loss, miscarriage and abortion support

  • De-medicalizing and de-industrializing care for our bodies

  • The womb as spirit door

  • And much more!

About Samantha:

Samantha Zipporah is a midwife, author & educator in service to healing & liberation. Sam’s path rises from an ancient lineage of midwives, witches, & wise women​ with expertise spanning the continuum of birth, sex, & death. She is devoted to breaking the spells of oppression in reproductive & sexual health by connecting people with the innate pleasure, power, & wisdom of the body. Her praxis weaves scientific & soulful inquiry that integrate modern medicine & data with ancestral practices & epistemologies. Sam's most recent publications & offerings center the radical reclamation of contraception & abortion. Her online membership, The Fruit of Knowledge Learning Community, features access to her heart & mind via books, courses, Q&As, curated resources & more.

Website: ⁠⁠ to explore womb wisdom offerings & join Fruit of Knowledge. Sam’s music & memoirs can be found on Patreon as The Venus Christ.

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