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Episode 18 - Understanding Endometriosis: an in-depth conversation with Jessica Duffin

In this episode Iris sits down with Jessica Duffin to have an in-depth conversation about endometriosis - a condition that affects a lot of people who menstruate but often takes a long time to diagnose and receive adequate care for. We discuss everything you always wanted to know about endometriosis. Topics covered:

  • Jessica's journey with endometriosis

  • What endometriosis is

  • Nutrition for endo – why an anti-inflammatory diet is helpful, what an anti-inflammatory diet might look like and why each diet is unique to each person.

  • SIBO and endo – the association between endometriosis and SIBO, how SIBO occurs, symptoms (and how they overlap with endo symptoms) and an overview of testing and treatment.

  • Natural pain relief – short-term pain relievers for in the moment pain and long-term pain relievers

  • and more!

About Jessica:

Jessica Duffin is a certified women’s health coach specialised in endometriosis and small intestine bacterial overgrowth. Through her articles, podcast and coaching she empowers people all over the world to live and thrive with endometriosis and its associated conditions using nutrition and holistic lifestyle changes.

Tune in here

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