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Episode 12 - Non-Toxic and Safe Skin Care with Erin & Floor from Nourished

In this episode Iris sits down with Erin and Floor, founders of Nourished - Europe's home of clean beauty and healthy living. They talk about the importance of using non-toxic skin care products, the role of our skin when it comes to health, and so much more! Topics covered:

  • how Nourished started

  • what you need to know about toxins & harmful chemicals in skincare products

  • the impact on endocrine disruptors on our bodies and the environment

  • the role of our skin in our general health

  • "green washing" of mainstream skincare brands

  • running a business and being an entrepreneur in this day and age

  • and so much more!

About Nourished:

Nourished is the Home of Clean Beauty & Natural Living for everyone in Europe. Founded and developed by Erin & Floor, an Aussie and a Dutchie. They are passionate about life, all things healthy & sustainable for the planet and humanity. They are both health professionals (Erin is a chiropractor and Floor is a nutritionist) and during these careers they’ve developed a depth of knowledge & experience they love to share with their Nourished Community.

Nourished is about nourishment, giving yourself all of the ingredients of a happy & healthy life! Nourishing yourself with clean beauty & natural living products can have a tremendous effect on your health & wellbeing by reducing your exposure to nasty chemicals & toxins.

Nourished website: Nourished Instagram: GET A DISCOUNT ON YOUR NOURISHED PRODUCTS: go to and use the code CYCLESEEDS at checkout.

Tune in here

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