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Episode 11 - Hormones & Dental Health with Dr Leedia

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In this mind-blowing episode Iris sits down with Dr. Leedia, a biological dentist who specialises in women's health and early childhood dental education. Iris always wanted to learn more about the connection between hormonal health and dental health, and she is so excited she found Dr. Leedia who is so very passionate about improving dental health for women and children, wanted to come on to share her incredible knowledge.

The topics we cover in this episode:

  • dental health in children and teenagers

  • preconception and dental health

  • periodontal health in pregnancy

  • eating dental detergent foods & nutrient dense foods

  • hygiene practices at home

  • hormonal birth control and periodontal health

  • we also briefly dental health in male bodies & the connection of dental health and sperm quality+motility

About Dr Leedia: Dr. Leedia is a biological dentist focusing on whole body health: specifically, women’s dental health and early childhood dental education through infant oral health and connection. Her mission as a dentist is to create the movement that empowers and educates women and mothers about the importance of preventive oral health. She is creating a liaison between gynecologists, pediatricians and dentists to bridge the gap and discrepancies between the medical and dental world. As a dentist, she wants to create healthy and beautiful smiles that instill higher levels of happiness and confidence. Lastly her mission is to significantly decrease the amount of disease children experience by focusing on health-care, instead of sick-care, and implementing an infant oral health system.

Dr. Leedia's website: Dr. Leedia's Instagram:

Tune in here

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