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Episode 10 - Healing Your Acne Naturally with Jill Therese

In this episode, Iris sits down with Jill Therese, the founder of Heal Your Face With Food. We get really intimate with sharing our own stories with acne, hormonal birth control and its effects, and all the secrets of successful skin healing.

The topics we cover in this episode:

  • our own acne stories

  • topical options and how we feel about it

  • nutrition and how we can support our bodies to heal from acne with food

  • the connection with fertility/hormone issues

  • and much more!

About Jill: Jill Therese is a former acne sufferer who finally cleared her skin naturally after struggling for 15 years. She is now committed to helping others heal their acne from the inside out with her natural acne clearing program, The Clear Code, where she shares her best tips, tricks and advice for healing acne naturally. Aside from being obsessed with all things skin-related, Jill used to be an ACE certified fitness instructor, a Series 7 & 63 certified financial representative, 5x half marathon runner, and a Co-Founder/Advisory Board Member of the Women’s Information Network of New York City. If you’re interested in natural acne healing, take her acne personality quiz on instagram and download 3 action steps + 3 recipes to follow to heal your acne naturally! Instagram handle: @healyourfacewithfood Facebook handle: YouTube handle: Other social handles: Your website:

Tune in here

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