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Episode 08 - Simple Embodiment Practices + How to Root in the Body with Juel McNeilly

In this episode, Iris sits down with her long-time friend Juel McNeilly who is a coach, mentor, facilitator, embodiment and healing arts guide and artist. She has been teaching, mentoring and coaching people for over 10 years. In this episode, they talk about what it means to be in a body on the daily, how to remain connected, and how to re-connect when having lost presence in the body. The topics we cover in this episode: -disconnect with the body and the harm of living in a head/mind-based society -using the body to process emotion, and coming to presence -slowing down to feel what body is communicating to you & how that supports emotional -harmony what embodying/embodiment means -2 x quick practices to bring into your life that help you tune in to your body immediately About Juel: Juel helps people re-connect with their inner source of power and essence. With a deep belief in possibility, presence and transformation. Juel combines modalities, practices and healing traditions to help you re-connect, embody, and love what has always been inside of you — your raw truth, magic, energy, exquisite sensuality, authentic voice. Guiding you back to a path of unapologetic self-love, truth, and aliveness. So that when life happens, as it does, you are grounded in you. Learn more about Juel and her work: Website: Instagram: @juel.mcneilly Facebook: Insight Timer: https://insighttimer/juelmcneilly

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