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Episode 06 -- Understanding Trauma+Using Trauma Informed Martial Arts for Healing with Georgia Verry

In this episode, Iris sits down with Georgia Verry, the founder of Fight Back Project. We talk about trauma, what it is, how it works in the brain & body, the nervous system, what we call 'the window of tolerance', 'co-regulating', 'interoception', and our 'social engagement system', and how we can use trauma informed martial arts for healing. She also shares her experience with combat sports and amenorrhea. Don't miss this episode! Don't forget to rate the podcast (: About Georgia: Georgia is an exercise scientist, kickboxer, karate black belt and founder of The Fight Back Project - a trauma informed kickboxing from for female identified survivors of violence. She hosts a Podcast (The Fight Back Podcast) which explores why people, especially women, might say that training in a martial art saved their life. Her guests include trauma experts and brave survivors across many martial arts and combat sports. Learn more about Georgia and her work: Website: Instagram: @fightbackproject Facebook: YouTube: Podcast:

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