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Episode 04: Advocating for Human Rights in Childbirth and Beyond with Hermine Hayes-Klein

In this episode, Iris has an open conversation with her friend and international attorney Hermine Hayes-Klein, where they talk about topics related to the intersection of law/human rights and childbirth. In the current global climate many things have changed for the worse in the birth world as well, especially when it comes to freedom of choice. This conversation serves to inspire people to think and feel into their own rights and freedom, especially in the light of the current global landscape.

Topics covered:

  • how to make rights a reality in the birth room

  • informed consent

  • empowering and integrating midwifery into maternity care worldwide

  • how doulas can protect their client’s human rights

More about Hermine: Hermine is an international attorney who has spent the last decade advancing human rights in maternal healthcare worldwide. Between 2012 - 2016, Hermine organized six international conferences on the topic of Human Rights in Childbirth, and partnered with national organizations on many advocacy campaigns to ensure respectful maternity care. Hermine is based in Portland, Oregon, USA, where her legal practice focuses on representing women who have experienced obstetric violence during childbirth and advocating for the integration of midwives and doulas into maternity care.

More information about Hermine can be found on If you want to stay updated about new episode releases, be sure to subscribe to the podcast so you won't miss a thing! (: ps. Please feel free to rate the podcast, this really helps us grow.

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