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Episode 22 - The Shocking Truth about Sperm Health & Male Fertility with Dr. Miranda Myles

In this episode Iris sits down with fertility expert Miranda Myles. And honestly.. it will most likely BLOW. YOUR. MIND. The topics of sperm health and male fertility are often not talked about, and not taken into consideration when it comes to conceiving - while they're really 50% of the story. With this episode, we have aimed to open a compassionate conversation about sperm health and male fertility, hoping to inspire our listeners to open up this conversation in their partnership and community as well. Topics covered

  • Miranda's work

  • How male fertility has declined over the last 40 years and why

  • What parameters we should look at in semen analysis

  • What normal sperm motility, morphology and count looks like

  • Changes in reference ranges for semen testing

  • Factors that impact sperm health

  • How people can improve sperm health

About Miranda: Dr Miranda Myles better known as The Conception Queen and all-round Women's Health Expert. She helps women feel better in their bodies and bring their babies home sooner. From menarche through motherhood to menopause, creating healthy periods, pregnancies and parents. She is a clinical Naturopath & Acupuncturist transforming health & hormones, creating fertility & families with new approaches to conception. She’s considered a thought leader in women's health, hormones & fertility, naturopathic gynaecology & reproduction, IVF/DEIVF support, male factor (in)fertility- successfully working with 20,000 patients over 20 years. Her mantra is Test Don’t Guess - Miranda is obsessed with pathology and is known for her ability to accurately understand and easily explain blood test results to help everyone know their bodies’ better, and become all they can be, naturally. She is Founding Director of Freyja Health, Hormones & Fertility Clinic, Host of her podcast The Donor Project, an author, and has several projects on the way, including- “The Fertile You Diet” book- your evidence based 3 month diet to bring your baby home sooner. "The Thyroid Project"- 12-weeks course to heal your thyroid. Learn more about Miranda Website Personal Instagram The Donor Project Instagram Book mentioned in the episode: How Our Modern World Is Threatening Sperm Counts, Altering Male and Female Reproductive Development, and Imperiling the Future of the Human Race by Shanna H. Swan and Stacey Colino Holistic Hormone & Cycle Coaching Training Are you thinking about becoming a Holistic Hormone & Cycle Coach? Join our globally recognized 9 month certification training! As a listener of the Planting Seeds Podcast you get an additional €100 off by using the code PODCAST at checkout. >> More information + apply <<

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