prepare for your periods 

Dear one,

do you know that feeling of the unexpected arrival of your period because you forgot to mark it on your calendar? Most likely right when you have a date, deadline, pitch or business trip?

How annoying, right?!

I get you. I'm sure we've all been there at some point.

We have been taught to mold our cycles into our schedules (or leave them out entirely, really!), instead of keeping our cycles in mind when creating our schedules and planning our lives.

Five years ago I created the hashtag #periodretreat on social media to let people know I was less available. This sparked something and many folks on the internet got inspired. More and more people started to ask me HOW one creates a #periodretreat -- questions like "How do I fit that in my schedule? I cannot take any time off!"
"How do I communicate about wanting to take time off?"
Or "I have no clue how to even get started..." reached me in no time and people wanted to learn.

So...I decided to put this all into an easy accessible online course for you, so can create your own #periodretreats, every single month, and learn how to craft your schedule more according to your cycle, instead of adapting your cycle to your schedule -- that usually doesn't work, and our periods will tell us (:

Iris..does this really work?

I have been planning around my cycle for 5 years and I can tell you it has been the best thing I have done for my cycle (apart from quitting hormonal birth control, gah!).


Creating your #periodretreat isn't about making some tea and hoping you can sit down or lay in bed when you start bleeding. 


It's about understanding how your cycle works and realizing there are some things on your schedule that just fit way better in a specific moment in your cycle.

It's about using your knowledge and power over your body to guard its health and well-being.

It's also about creating and protecting healthy boundaries, keeping your stress levels low and teaching yourself and your body it is okay to rest.



#periodretreat is for you if:

V    you are busy but feel something needs to change

V    you want to get to know  your ovulation & menstrual cycle

V    you want to live more in tune with your cycle 

V  you experience some period or PMS symptoms that call for your attention

V    you want to build a better relationship with your body

V   you want to learn how to set healthy boundaries that benefit your cycles

V     you want to live in the flow of your cycle instead of swimming against it

you want to use your cycles optimally and wisely, and make use of the amazing skillset that comes with our cycles (for free, for all of our menstrual lives!) but no one tells us about


V     you want to learn how to communicate your needs & boundaries better in all of the environments you find yourself in (relationships, family, work)

V     you want craft your own #periodretreats and benefit from them in all areas of your life

Be productive..AND rest.

It's truly a balance. In my practice I see so many people (with periods!) who are nearly (or fully..) burned out because they are depleting their hormonal systems by molding their bodies with cycles into a linear structure that constantly focuses on being productive.


We all seem to agree upon the cycle of day/night, but so many of us ignore our monthly cycles and it costs us our health, our rest, our well-being, and sometimes even opportunities and relationships. 


Let me show you how to redefine your cycles & schedules so that they both work in your benefit instead of against your health. 

- Iris Josephina


What others say:


"OMG this is like the key to LIFE!"

"I wish I had known this earlier.. It's so easy and logical but I never thought about it."


"Iris knows what she talks about and I love that."


"I can't believe they don't teach this in school. Everyone should know this!"

"I work in the corporate world and thought living according to my cycle would never be possible. Turns out.. it is! I feel so much more calm and organized. I think every woman becomes better in business when she knows her cycle."

The #periodretreat Curriculum:

+ Module 1: Your Cycle // 
Let's get a clear view on your menstrual cycle and how it works. This module focuses on the four phases of the menstrual cycle and their qualities, strengths, weaknesses, gifts, characteristics. We will also look at the physical and emotional manifestations of the body in each phase, what this means and what the body needs.

+ Module 2: Your Schedule, Time & Planning // 
This module focuses on how to divide time. Most of our schedules are attuned to a more solar character, whereas people with menstrual cycles would benefit more when living according to more lunar schedules. In this module you'll learn how to balance between both.


+ Module 3: Communication Skills for People w/ Cycles //
In this module we dive into easy skills you can acquire to communicate better during each phase of your cycle, and before they arrive. Lets get real with cycles and let our environment know there is no more way around them.


+ Module 4: Your #periodretreat //
This module focuses on how to craft your own #periodretreat according to your own schedule, cycle and planning, and what you can do in different timeslots; sometimes it just turns out that one month there is time for a #periodretreat day, other months it might be just 10 minutes of #periodretreat -- it's reality.


+ Private Facebook group 

+ Worksheets for each module


+ A recorded meditation  for each of the 4 phases of your cycle

+ A special discount for a 1:1 session with Iris








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