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Nourish Your Hormones
a 2-hour workshop

WHEN: Saturday 23 March, 2024 from 4-6pm CET

What if I told you there is an easy way to support your menstrual cycle?

What if I told you that it does not involve


..cutting out entire food groups

..restricting yourself

..eating different in every cycle phase

..a whole lotta time in the kitchen

..spending a massive amount of money

But rather..

  • still being able to eat your favorite foods

  • understanding your nutritional needs and wishes in each cycle phase

  • learning how to build a nourishing plate 

  • cultivating a healthy relationship with your food

  • understanding your cyclical body in each phase

  • HAVE FUN! 

Image by Brooke Lark


Saturday 23 March 2024, 4-6pm CET

For who?

Everyone with a menstrual cycle who wants to nourish their bodies in a simple, easy and accessible way !



Image by Nathan Dumlao

Have you been beating yourself up for not 'eating healthy'?

And are you struggling to find out what works for you because of the constant onslaught of information online about dieting, how to eat for each cycle phase, and what is good and bad for your hormones?

I hear you. And also: I have been there. Oofff how I have been there...

A decade ago my life looked like this:

  • Blood sugar roller coasters every day

  • Skin covered in acne for which I felt extremely ashamed

  • Severely underweight and unable to gain weight

  • Thyroid issues

  • Insomnia

But oh HOW IT CHANGED when I finally cracked the codes on what TRULY works for the body from a physiologic perspective.

Understanding how my menstrual cycle and metabolism are interwoven helped me SO much in understanding how, what and when to eat. And in this workshop, I am gonna teach you all of that!

Is this workshop for you?

This workshop is for you if you:

✓ have an intention eat healthier 
know your current way of treating your body when it comes to food isn't working

✓ tried supplements, protein shakes, fad diets, cutting out food groups, exercising 7 days a week, and more but they don't work and you cannot seem to keep up with them

✓ are open for more holistic way when it comes to supporting your menstrual cycle

✓ are overwhelmed and have no idea how to do it all by yourself

✓ understand that how you eat now sets the tone for how your health will be later in your life 
✓ want to live in alignment and flow with your menstrual cycle 

Is this you? Then the Nourish Your Hormones workshop is for you!

Topics we will discuss in this workshop

✺ How the menstrual cycle works + the impact of the foods we eat on it 

✺ How the menstrual cycle and blood sugar are connected 

✺ How to build a nourishing plate every phase of your cycle

✺ How your cycle is related to how your body digests and metabolizes food

✺ What easy + super simple habits to implement in your daily life to create significant relief from menstrual symptoms like mood swings, PMS, pain and cravings 

What's included?

In this workshop you will receive:

  • Two hours FULL of nutritional information you wish you had received wayyyy earlier

  • An updated version of my Cyclical Meals Cookbook (value €27)

  • A handout with all step-by-step tips to implement the tools learned in class in your life

  • A food diary hand-out

  • An example meal plan

  • A hormone-friendly grocery list

All for just €59,-!

What are you waiting for? Start your nourished life, supported and with a method that WORKS!

Image by Eduardo Casajús Gorostiaga

Meet your host, Iris Josephina

Hi there!!
I am so glad you're here. Nice to meet you! Let me share a little about myself so you know who you'll be learning from.

I love creating
simple habits that have a big impact on how we experience our bodies. I have spent the last 10+ years optimizing my own menstrual cycle experience and have been supporting thousands people as a Functional Hormone Specialist & Hormone Coach to help them optimize their menstrual cycle experience. 

I feel deeply at home in my own body.

I have never loved my body more than I do now.

Never before have I deeply understood my body more like I do now.

I know exactly what my body and cycle need to be nourished and thrive - and I want you to feel the same.

In this class, it is my wish to show you how SIMPLE it can be to feel GOOD in your body. It is my aim to help you create small steps that will have a big and lasting impact on your cycle experience - from now until beyond menopause.

xoxo Iris Josephina

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