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consciously getting off of hormonal birth control

Dear one,

have you quit your hormonal birth control hoping to feel like you again? But instead your whole being feels like a chaotic mess and you wonder where your periods went?
Or perhaps you are thinking about quitting but you are afraid for all the symptoms post-birth control?

And on top of that: do you have to deal with all these reactions from your environment that are actually not very supportive at all?

Have they called you "irresponsible" or "crazy" when you announced you are thinking about ditching the pill?

Did people feel the need to project all sorts of opinions onto you regarding your body-choices?

I feel you. Oh how I feel you... 8 years ago I was exactly where you are now. And it sucked. It especially sucked because nobody seemed to care or see the need yet to quit the Pill.


Thank goodness things have changed.
We are 2019 now and it's an exciting time to be alive. 

And now I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is possible to quit hormonal birth control in gentle ways, and that you can become body literate and that by learning how to read your body, you can learn to understand it better.

I am also here to tell you that you can develop communication skills and body-boundary tools to navigate through the process of  getting off of hormonal birth control feeling more safe, secure and sure in all your choices along the way.

This course is a roadmap to reclaiming and rediscovering your various bodies, and their rightful place in the greater body, the world and structures, in which you move around.


With this course, I give you the tools, tips, tricks and trailblazing information to make the best choices regarding your body, and the spaces it finds itself in.


I wish for you to feel at home and at ease in your body.
I wish for you to enjoy being in your body.
I wish for you to feel that your body-choices and body-boundaries are in your own hands. 


Lovingly at your cervix,

to your optimal health and overall well-being,


Iris, I'm worried..

“Will I ever feel truly at home in my body after all these hormones? Have I f'ed up my fertility forever by taking them for so long?”


YES it is possible to feel at home in your body, and NO you haven't ruined your fertility altogether by taking hormonal birth control. Thank goodness!

You just haven't found a more whole and holistic perspective to look at birth control, and even more importantly: how to get off of it consciously, and in line with what your various bodies need.

Allow me to show you how to go about this in the most broad way out here on the internets. I will show you what you need to know to help you to get off of hormonal birth control informed and empowered, and support yourself after you've quit in the best ways possible.

Let me show you how you can befriend your various bodies that are affected by hormonal birth control. And how to go about the tender process of balancing out your reproductive system.

Allow me to share with you the latest research out there (& let me become completely nerdy with you about it!) that will support you to become body literate and help you understand what happens in your body.


My Body, My Home is for you if:

V     you are ready to take care of yourself on all levels

V     you are so done hearing that staying on hormonal birth control is your only option (it's really NOT!)

V    you are ready to build a sustainable relationship with your body [many bodies!] that supports you for the rest of your life

V  you want to learn about the science behind hormonal birth control and the science on post-birth control bodies + how to apply this to your life

V     you love the idea of having a healthy relationship to all of your bodies [physical, mental, emotional, spiritual]

V     you want to learn about how your menstrual cycle actually works without hormones

V   you want to learn about how hormonal birth control does not only affect your body, but also the earth

V     you finally want to feel heard and understood in your choice and journey of getting off of hormonal birth control, and want to learn how to communicate this to your environment + care providers

V     you want to learn how to safely manage your cycle and fertility without putting hormones in your body

V     you do not want to do this all by yourself, but rather have a support system of likeminded people around you who just get you

V     you want to have personal attention in your process of going off of hormonal birth control 

V     you want to know all of your options for non-hormonal fertility management

you want finally feel like YOU again


+ Module 1: My Physical Body // 
Hormone 101 at your service! Learn how the physical body works on & off hormonal birth control, revealing the whole science part your doctor probably never shared with you when you started taking HBC. You will also learn on how to best support your physical body getting off of HBC.

+ Module 2: My Emotional Body // 
Quitting HBC is an emotional choice too, mainly because your environment might not be so supportive of your choice. Learn how to tend to your emotional body and its perhaps unexpected manifestations in your process of quitting. In this model you'll also have a 1-on-1 coaching session with Iris to map out your journey getting off of hormonal birth control. She'll coach you and tend to your needs as she does as a doula: being fully present with your story, hearing where you are, and gently guiding you to move forward in ways that work for you.


+ Module 3: My Mental Body //
Let's get real on how HBC affects your mental health (depression when on HBC is real and so many of us experience this in solitude). Learn how to nourish your mental body and tend to your mental well-being in gentle yet supportive and effective ways.


+ Module 4: My Sexual Body //
HBC affects sexuality (massively!) and how we share it with others. Learn to re-embody your sexuality after HBC (& reclaim your orgasms!).


+ Module 5: My Spiritual Body //

Quitting HBC gives you the opportunity to reevaluate how you give meaning to your life, health and well-being, as you are experiencing your body in totally new ways compared to when on HBC. This module helps you understand the greater picture of giving meaning to life as in a person in a cyclical body. 

+ Module 6: The Greater Body //
HBC also affects our society and the earth; quitting is a service towards the earth, and on top of that: a political act. As a collective of people becoming more conscious of what HBC does to our microcosmos (our individual body) and how it affects how we move around in them in the macrocosmos (the collective body as a whole), we stand stronger in the conscious awakening of our body sovereignty and take back our agency, and know how to choose body sovereignty over and over -- as an individual, with the conscious eye on the greater collective of menstrual, ovulatory, and reproductive health and well-being. It takes a village to restructure society and create new paradigms, collectively weaved by people who see potential in a different, more just and honest future for all of humankind.

+ Module 7: The Wisdom Body //
When all bodies are heard & seen & nourished, you are ready to move forward in life off of HBC, consciously, grounded, body literate and at home in your own body, at last. This last module focuses on reflecting on the previous 6 modules and lays out reflection sheets for the upcoming 6 months to remain connected to all of your bodies. In this module, you'll have a last group session but also a 1-on-1 closing session with Iris to see where you are, and what you need at this point, and how to move forward beyond this course.


+ Private Facebook group 

+ 2 x 60 minute 1-on-1 session with Iris focused on YOUR particular hormonal birth control issues


+ Three Masterclasses with experts in the field

+ Worksheets for each module


+ Two recorded Movement & Breathwork sessions for hormonal health

+ Private Zoom meetings (that will be recorded and yours to keep)

+ A special discount coupon for Daysy fertility computer



Module 1: July 24th
Module 2: August 3rd
Module 3: August 24st
Module 4: September 21th
Module 5: October 19th
Module 6: November 23th
Module 7: December 28th

early bird: €997 (ends July 1st)
full price: €1250


REMEMBER: There is a maximum of 20 participants GLOBALLY. 

Uhm Iris, who are you to be teaching me all this?

Over the past decade I have been teaching workshops about natural fertility and sharing research and wisdom about getting off of the pill (including the very scary and freaky side effects on your body!).

When I started sharing about it online, I started receiving messages with questions from people all over the globe -- that's why I figured this information should be accessible to as many people as possible.

This course is the result of years of research and my own personal struggle and journey getting off of hormonal birth control, my work with cyclical humans in their various cycles of life (fertile years, pregnancy, birth and postpartum), learning from wise midwives + experts in the field, and my educational backgrounds in medical anthropology and gender studies. More info on that here.


Frequently asked questions

How long will this course take?

This course will take 7 months because that's the average amount a body needs to recover from hormonal contraception. We will meet once a month over Zoom. Everything will be recorded (group en 1:1 sessions) and yours to keep forever. Please keep everything learned for yourself.

Are payment plans available?

Yes but only in certain cases. Get in touch with Iris via to discuss your options.

I quit my hormonal birth control already, can I still join?

Yes! This course is full of information on how to take care of your bodies in the best ways possible after quitting -- even if that has been over half a year. If you like learning about hormones, the menstrual cycle, sexuality, etc. I am sure there will be something useful for you in this course.

Can I cancel?

There is a 20 day money back guarantee. After that period, you can still decide to quit the course but there is no refund.

Who is this course for?

For everyone who is or has recently been on some sort of hormonal contraception.

I have more questions. Where can I ask them?

Send an e-mail to Iris via for all your remaining questions.



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