Cycle & Sexual Well-Being

for Cyclical Humans


a free online course

Dear cyclical human, this is your time to recognize your cycle is an essential sign of health + well-being and experience it as such . Let me show you how to move from pain to pleasure.
Get your hands on this training valued at $197 for FREE.

Dear Cyclical Human,

Cycle Seeds' website is currently under construction.

We are working on amazing new content for a new website, to help you reach optimal Cycle & Sexual Well-Being.

In the meantime you can reach me for

  • Private sessions:
    -Cycle & Sexual Well-Being support
    -Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum doula services
    -Getting off of hormonal birth control
    -Natural Fertility
    -IUD removal support
    -Miscarriage /Abortion support


  • Media inquiries

  • Teaming up / Collaborations

  • Questions on working with me

  • Information on weekly classes in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


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It is also possible to stay in touch via our Instagram & Facebook pages.

Thank you for your patience.

Love & Honey in the Heart,

IrisJosephina xoxo