I'm Iris Josephina

I am a holistic womb guide 

and embodied leadership coach

I support you to awaken to the wisdom of your cyclical body
and reclaim your power, pleasure & purpose.

Welcome, dear one. 

You have arrived here for a reason.

Maybe you experiencing insane stress and you are close to burn-out?
Perhaps you're feeling numb during sex and your orgasms are nowhere to be found?
Or you quit hormonal birth control and now your cycle is all over the place?
You think overwhelm is your second name and you feel alienated from your own body?
You have lost your way in how to relate to your body, cycles and pleasure?

..but you also know so deeply something needs to change but you haven't figured out exactly how to do that???

Then you have come to the right place.

This is a place where nobody thinks you're crazy.
This is a place where you can feel safe. Where you are heard and see in all that you are experiencing. And where you will feel fully supported, held and nurtured to reclaim the woman that you are.

Let me tell you something.

When a woman starts to come home to her body - everything changes.

When a woman learns to trust herself and to understand the language of her body - she steps into her own power.

When a woman takes the step to heal herself - she heals her lineage.

When a woman starts to remember her worth - she embodies who she truly is.


But sometimes we just need just someone to hold our hand and midwife us to where we want to be.

That's why I am here.

 It's time to dance your way out of stress, overwhelm, and patriarchal ways.

By reclaiming + healing your inner womb cycles, your juicy pleasure, incredible body intelligence, and remember how powerful and sacred that is, you deeply remember your feminine force and soulful purpose.

Your time to rise has come.

Let's do this. You got this & I got you.


- Iris Josephina | founder of Cycle Seeds

About Cycle Seeds

Cycle  Seeds helps you understand your body and cycles through honest, informed and thorough education +  transformative guidance, by alchemizing the science, the sensible, the subtle and the sacred.

Understanding our bodies leads to living more purposefully & embodied, and supports us to live the life we are supposed to live - on our terms. 


My name is Iris Josephina. I am a leading mentor in holistic womb wellness and I am the founder of Cycle Seeds.   

My job is midwifing you back home into your body - from where everything starts - so you can move through your life with grace, gentleness and gratitude.

All of the teachings I bring are rooted in modern evidence based research and scientific understandings of the body, and weaved with ancient, sacred and deeply experiential ways of learning.

I offer a space where you learn what it means to be sovereign feminine being. You unlearn and release all that does not serve you - shame, guilt, fear, pain + trauma in our feminine lineage, that is all stored in your precious body - in order to remember and reclaim what is rightfully yours:  your menstrual cycles, your sensuality, your pleasure, your sexuality, your voice, your body, your LIFE.

By doing this, we bloom in all areas of our lives and become a fully embodied woman: our relationships, in the workspace, and in the bedroom -- on a body, mind, and spirit level.

You + Cycle Seeds

Courses & Programs

Holistic Pregnancy, Birth + Postpartum Care


A Womxn who has reclaimed herself:

✓ intimately knows her menstrual & womb cycles
✓ feels at home in her body
✓ feels connected to the earth

✓ fully embraces her sensuality & sexuality
✓ clearly knows & articulates her own boundaries shamelessly
✓ knows her own worth & values it deeply

✓ feels deeply connected to herself and the world around her

✓ lives a peaceful & stress-free life
✓ follows her own inner rhythms and lives on her own terms

✓ has fulfilling relationships
✓ is prepared & feels grounded to enter her cycles of pregnancy, birth & beyond

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Hi! I'm Iris

I am a certified Holistic Womb Guide with a background in holistic hormonal health, medical anthropology & gender studies.

I've had my own fair share of menstrual cycle issues, post-birth control syndrome and miscarriage. I noticed that in the healing of all of these experiences, there was no holistic support available that looked at mind, body and spirit. That's why I founded Cycle Seeds.

In all my years working with women in pregnancy, birth, postpartum and around their menstrual cycles I noticed that there is a link between how women feel in their body throughout each phase, the support they do or do not receive and the issues they develop: menstrual cycle issues, depression, burn-out, eating disorders, body image issues.

Patriarchal society tells us to adapt to linear structures, to meet expectations that are almost impossible and to put our own self + our cyclical nature aside to obey the productivity-minded grind culture. This can lead to stress and feeling like you are never enough.

My mission is to show you that it is possible to reconnect to your inner rhythms, reclaim your body as sacred and that you are the creator of your own life.
When you walk the womb way, reclaim yourself and become the purposeful leader the world needs right now, everything changes.


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