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practical tips for slow & rooted december down-time

What is this workshop about?
The holidays are a stressful time for many in so many ways - emotionally, mentally, but also physically -- long days of sitting and eating, little movement and foods that we usually maybe not consume are all part of the holiday party vibe. 

In this workshop, I give you practical tools to support your precious cyclical body through the holidays. 

Creating healthy habits is not something we should start on January 1st to then get sloppy the rest of the year. We can actually start implementing healthy habits NOW so we feel supported and balanced throughout the holidays (:


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How amazing would it be if you could start AND maintain your new habits before the new year even starts?

So many of us feel this urgency to start new habits in the new year. It is as if this finally gives us permission to "do better" or have this clean slate of starting anew.

I am sorry to report this to you but.. Everything you have done up until now has an impact on your menstrual cycle and no January will erase all of those things unfortunately (:

This is why I'd like to come in with a new idea:

ditch the idea of putting all your hopes on January for new habits and start seeing every day of your cycle as an opportunity to support your body constructively. 


Do you know that feeling of "Ahh in January I am really gonna start yoga/a new diet/go to bed early/etc only to discover that after a couple of times you let go of it?


Putting things in the future may not work for us at all. Understanding that changing things in the NOW has an impact on our future, may be a better approach. 


This is what I will teach you in this workshop.


Is this workshop right for you?


✓ do not want to make big changes but crave ease and simplicity

✓ prefer tips & hacks over gigantic complex programs

✓ want to feel at peace over the holidays

✓ would like to care for your cycle during the holidays and beyond

✓ desire to live more in tune with your cyclical body

✓ are done abandoning your body and are ready to start coming home to it

✓ want to improve your sleep experience

✓ understand the importance of balancing blood sugar for your menstrual cycle

✓ want to start the new year rested and refreshed
✓ are curious about the small changes you can make that have a huge impact on your entire cycle experience

Feel safe and peaceful in your body around the holidays

You deserve to feel at ease in your body during the holidays, and you deserve to know how to get there with the least effort and the least resistance. 

You are invited to come and explore the possibilities to feel soft, peaceful and in control when it comes to your cycle and body during the holidays.

Topics of this class:

  • How to plan your holidays cyclically

  • How to improve sleep and sleep quality

  • How to balance blood sugar levels during the holidays

  • How to communicate with family members/your community about your habits

  • How to feel calm and peaceful during the holidays


  • This class is prerecorded

  • Upon purchase you receive a download link 

  • The class is yours to keep forever

Energy exchange: €27 (including VAT)

This class is open to all people with menstrual cycles.



What does this workshop include?

There will be a recording available for download right after the class for those who cannot join live.

90 minutes full of simple and ready-to-use hacks for improving your menstrual cycle experience during the holidays

✓ Handout of practices and tools to take home and return to whenever you need



Hi, I am Iris Josephina

I love creating simple habits that have a big impact on how we experience our bodies. I have spent the last 10+ years optimizing my own menstrual cycle experience and have been supporting hundreds people as a Functional Hormone Specialist & Hormone Coach to help them optimize their menstrual cycle experience

I feel deeply at home in my own body.

I have never loved my body more than I do now.

Never before have I deeply understood my body more like I do now.

I know exactly what my body and cycle need to be nourished and thrive - and I want you to feel the same.

In this class, it is my wish to show you how SIMPLE it can be to feel GOOD in your body. The holidays are often a time where we forget our bodies, and it is my aim to help you to stay connected to you body throughout this hectic time.

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