We are Earth x Earth is Us

Menstrual Cycle Awareness thru the Archetypal Earth Landscapes

7 week online community program

Allow the Earth around you to help you remember the wisdom within.

This group program is an invitation to reevaluate and restore your relationship to your body, and your relationship to the Earth.

It looks at the menstrual cycle and our bodily fluids from the perspective of the archetypal Earth landscapes:

Waters. Deserts. Meadows. Mountains. Forests.

Using them as a gentle yet majestic way to reconnect to and commune with our 2 homes:

our body and the Earth.

Have you felt disconnected from your own body and the world around you?

But have you also experienced the feeling of relief when you went into nature?


The way ecosystems relate to one another in nature, is a reflection of how we can relate to ourselves and our bodies.

You will use the world around you to rediscover how to relate.

The Earth's landscapes are our teachers to guide us [back] into our bodies.


“Body is our first environment. It is the medium through which we know the earth.”
- Andrea Olsen, Professor in Choreography

You'll leave this group program feeling:

☾ more restful & at ease in your body

☾ more safe & settled

☾ more centered in the world around you

☾ a sense of spacial awareness in both your own body and its place on Earth

☾ aware about & connected with your menstrual cycle

☾ grateful to be alive on this planet

☾ grounded to set your own boundaries 

 ☾ sensually alive


☾ more in tune with your body and the Earth

☾ a deeper sense of respect for yourself & the well-being of planet Earth


☾ a sense of & deep understanding of the urgency for community

The Landscapes

Oceans & Rivers // The Waters

An introduction to The Waters

Oceans ebb & flow, rivers and streams run their ways through landscapes. Just like the Earth, our body is 70% fluid water, which is represented in our connective tissue, lymphatic fluids, and symbolically by the juices that flow from our bodies:

menstrual blood
cervical fluid
sexual & arousal fluids

This module focuses on inviting ourselves in the waters of our bodies, and accepting the Earth's teachings on the fluid quality of the depths of life. 

Desert / Menstruation

Module 1

The desert is the archetypal place of silence, vast spaciousness, initiation and death.

Just like the desert, our menstrual portal and space are places of initiation, releasing and feeling into the depths of our being.
This module focuses on reconnecting to our bodies and the earth through silence and initiation. 

Keywords: Menstruation, retreat, silence, stillness, spaciousness, self.

Meadow / Pre-ovulation

Module 2

The meadows are fertile grounds of sensuous potential. They reflect the possibility to sprout and bloom.

This module is an invitation to travel within your own body and walking the meadows of the earth to support your own sprouting and blooming. 

It will be connected to your fertile window that opens some time post menstruation and pre-ovulation.

 Pre-ovulation, awakening, sprouting. Energy rising. 

Mountain / Ovulation

Module 3

Mountains are the most solid landscapes the Earth shows us.
Our ovulation time symbolizes our most solid, outgoing and visible part of our cycle.

This module is an encouragement to stand in your fullness. Learning to embrace ovulation as a moment where you can flourish and come to rise into your being, finding the tools and courage to show who you truly are, unapologetically.

Ovulation, fullness, fertility, community, thriving, radiating.

Forest / Pre-menstruum

Module 4

The forests of the Earth are the places where ancient trees rule, where we can meet the mysterious and shadowed places of the Earth.

In your pre-menstruum, you enter the forest of your cycle. 
This module is an invitation to connect to your creative, shadow and wild side. Using the symbolism and teachings of the forests of  the Earth to connect to the forest of your being.

Premenstruum, liminal spaces, deepening, preparing, darkness, intuitive truth.

“There's a waterfall of wisdom at your fingertips. If you would only reach a little further in. Everything you're looking for, the pieces of your puzzle, all the love you seek: it is right there at your feet. ”
- Fia

What is included in this program?


☾ 7 group community calls via Zoom (2 hours each)

☾ 5 workbooks (in PDF)

☾ 6 landscape meditations

☾ transformative body practices

☾ body-story writing exercises

☾ lectures & discussions

☾ sharing circles


☾ a carefully curated playlist for each module:



☾ 10% discount at Onna Lifestyle - The Art of Slow Pleasure

☾10% discount on a 1-hour 1:1 session with Iris


Who is this program for?

Anyone interested in learning about their menstrual cycle from an entirely new perspective..

Those who feel the urgency to intimately commune with their body & the Earth.

Those who seek menstrual cycle awareness from a community based perspective, and having group support instead of studying alone.


Please note

This is program is open to all genders and sexual orientations. If you need extra guidance in seeing whether this program is for you, feel free to reach out to me at info@cycleseeds.com



Week 1
Introductory Community Gathering
March 8

Week 2

The Waters || Body Fluids
March 15

Week 3
Desert || Menstruation
March 22

Week 4
Meadow || Pre-Ovulation
March 29

Week 5
Mountain || Ovulation

April 5

Week 6
Forest || Premenstruum
April 12

Week 7

Closing Community Gathering
April 19


Enroll now

This is a 7 week group program.
Spots are limited to keep the space intimate.
You are kindly asked to commit to each of the 7 gatherings. 


€247,- per person
€444,- for 2 friends (save €25 per person)


Early bird enrollment until the upcoming New Moon (February 23rd), then the price goes up to €447,- per person.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am on hormonal birth control, can I still join?

A: Yes. This information will still be valuable for you.

Q: I have an irregular cycle / a cycle that is not 28 days long, can I still join?

A: Yes! It is a myth that cycles should be 28 days long; every body and every cycle is different. It is about discovering what is your 'normal' and moving with that. 

Q: I am not sure whether I can join all calls. Can I still join?

A: Yes! All calls will be recorded so when you have to miss one, it can be sent to you. It is wished you do not miss more than 1 group call.

Q: How will this program be delivered?

A: Everything is delivered digitally over email, live video call thru Zoom, audio & PDF workbooks. You need an e-mail address, a computer/smartphone for the calls, and a Facebook account to access the online group.

Q: My currency is not in Euro, can I still join?

A: Yes! There are various global payment options that will translate into your own currency. If you have trouble, please inform me via info@cycleseeds.com

Q: Will this group program run again?

A: I am planning to run this program twice or 3x per year depending on how many people are interested.

Q: If I have a question I want to ask you personally, is that possible?
A: Yes! You can always e-mail me at info@cycleseeds.com




Meet Iris

Hi! I'm Iris and I will be your guide during this program, that is so very dear to my heart because it is a reflection of my personal menstrual cycle journaling experience. 
I have used archetypal Earth landscapes a lot in my private menstrual journal when writing about the different phases, my experience of them and the imagery that came to me while reflecting on each phase. 
It feels as if this is the most important program that has been birthed thru me up until now. I cannot wait to share the space with you.

xoxo Iris Josephina


The name for this course is inspired by a poem I really love. I found it when I was 15 years old and it has been traveling with me ever since.


Earth Day


I am the Earth

And the Earth is me.

Each blade of grass,

Each honey tree,

Each bit of mud,

And stick and stone

Is blood and muscle,

Skin and bone.

And just as I

Need every bit

Of me to make

My body fit,

So Earth needs

Grass and stone and tree

And things that grow here


That’s why we

Celebrate this day.

That’s why across

The world we say:

As long as life,

As dear, as free,

I am the Earth

And the Earth is me.




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