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Calling all entrepreneurs, coaches, and changemakers
to join the FREE
Cyclical Business masterclass!

WHEN: Sunday 7 August, 7pm CET

Cyclical folks are on the rise into leadership and yet they are burning out faster than ever before… Most of my burned out clients with cycle issues are either high-performing in the corporate world or entrepreneurs.

Most of the business world completely ignores the fact that we are in cyclical bodies and does not honor what productivity means to us. 

I want you to know that there is a way to powerfully lead in a way that honors your cyclical self.

Get ready to integrate your cyclical body, rhythms and cycles into your life and business like never before. 

In this FREE masterclass I’ll show you how I went from burned-out, patriarchal overdrive to being a radiant, embodied cyclical leader in my field -- with a healthy body and a thriving business!



Sunday, August 7 - 7pm CET

For who?

All coaches, entrepreneurs and changemakers who have a business and a cyclical body, and who are SO ready to make the impact they were born to make in the world!


Have you been loathing yourself for not being equally productive every day of your cycle?

Let me tell you something: productivity is FLUID and means something else for cyclical bodies than what your patriarchal-inspired business gurus have taught you. 

Balancing my body and boosting my business by paying attention to my cyclical nature changed the game completely for me:

  • I restored my energy levels and I feel amazing in my body.

  • My cycles are regular and pain-free.

  • My business boomed and I made 3x more money as I did before.

  • People starting noticing me more and felt drawn to follow me on social media.

If you are ready to completely redefine what productivity means, balance your body and boost your business, then this masterclass is for you!

Is this masterclass for you?

This masterclass is for you if you:

✓ have a business (or want to start one) and a menstrual cycle
know your current way of treating your body and running your biz isn't working

✓ desire to ease cycle symptoms like PMS, period pain, and more

✓ open for a more holistic way when it comes to healing -- for both your body & biz!

✓ are overwhelmed and have no idea how to do it all by yourself

✓ feel called to boost your business without losing track of your body
✓ are done with the patriarchal ways of related to your body and business
✓ want to live in
alignment and flow with your menstrual cycle 

Is this you? Then the Cyclical Business Masterclass is for you!

Topics we will discuss in this masterclass

✺ Cyclical Money Magnetics  

Release programmed patriarchal energetics of money and start calling in the cash that you deserve - the cyclical way.

✺ From Overwhelm
to Cyclical Balance 

Learn how to identify bodily imbalances (instead of thinking there's something wrong with you because you aren't "productive enough") and learn how to restore balance in your cyclical body so you can thrive in your business. 

✺ Essential Cyclical Blueprints for Business 

Discover the essential cyclical blueprints that I used in my own cyclical business that will support your body to bloom and your business to boom.

What are you waiting for?

The World Needs Cyclical Folks to Lead -- Now, More Than Ever!

Your menstrual cycle, emotional intelligence, intuition and sensitivity are your most precious assets -- let me show you how to harness them and lead with them instead of suppressing them. 

I believe purpose and impact go hand in hand. We can choose ourselves AND do & be good for the world while feeling purposeful and impactful.

Cyclical biz & leadership play a VITAL ROLE in the rebuilding of the current world. Because let's be's pretty messy out there...And it ain't cyclical folks who made it that way!



Meet your host, Iris Josephina

Hi there!

My name is Iris Josephina, and I was once where you most likely are: struggling with my cycle and at the same time wanting to do what I love and make a difference in the world. 

I had to discover the hard way that
running a successful business was impossible when I kept ignoring my body and its symptoms.


During the first years I ran my business I barely made any money, and I could not keep up with all the work I had to put in just because my body was simply too exhausted and in overdrive. I was a mess, and so was my business.

I have unlocked the codes of my intelligent body and created a blueprint for my business that remains in integrity towards my body and energy levels. 


I do not want ANYONE to go through to what I went through because.. OMG all the stress, anxiety, discomfort, loss of money, overwhelm, aah!!
...So allow me to show you how you can make sure you have all the tools to
balance your body and boost your business! 


I cannot wait to meet you -- and to see you blossom in your body & bloom in your business!

xoxo Iris Josephina

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