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Dear one,

do you really dread your premenstrual week and your periods? 
Do you experience them more as a hassle than a gift?

Let me tell you something.

Your PMS and your period actually tell you a lot about your overall health.

Let me tell you something else.

Intense PMS symptoms are NOT normal. And painful periods aren't either.

Your cycle is an essential sign of health, and how it manifests itself can tell you a lot about your well-being and the state of your body.

When you have a healthy cycle, you do not suffer from painful cramps, tender breasts or extreme changes in your emotions and mood swings.

It's time to realize you are a cyclical being and deeply respect this as a part of you, move with it instead of against it, and discover the immense gifts it has to offer you.  

Let me help you identify your most frustrating PMS + period problems, and how to deal with them so you are able to reconnect to your inner cycle. Let me help you move from PMS + period hating to PMS + period healing.

You deserve to move through your monthly cycles with grace and ease. And on top of that: you deserve to feel how fun + amazing it is to observe your body feeling better and better each cycle.


Lovingly at your cervix,


You may wonder...

“How on earth do I get from pain to pleasure? How can I go from hating my PMS + period every month, to feeling empowered by them?”


Allow me to show you the keys that you need to unlock the knowledge that is already within you.

Allow me to present you easy tools to redefine your relationship to your PMS time and your periods.

Allow me to share with you the secrets how to become someone who is filled with a sense of groundedness, of clarity, inspiration and confidence.


This free video course will guide you step-by-step into the process of moving from pain to pleasure and embrace your PMS + PERIOD,

from your next cycle onward.

This free course is for you if:

V     you experience intense physical, emotional and/or mental PMS symptoms each month (that might have their root in not respecting your body)

V     you have no clue about how your PMS + periods can be seen and experienced as something positive

V     you have the feeling your PMS + periods are disturbing your day-to-day life

V     you feel easily overwhelmed during your PMS and/or periods

V     you wish to embrace your PMS + periods instead of hating them

V     you want to experience the fun of getting to know your body and the deep feelings of nourishment when you prioritize your health and well-being

This free course includes:

+ Video 1: Define & Unlearn your PMS + Period Mindsets

+ Video 2: Your Body Communicates with You

+ Video 3: Redefine your Attitude towards your PMS + Period

+ Bonus video: Special surprise where I reveal 3 PMS + Period secrets

+ Workbook


+ Access to the EMBRACE YOUR PMS + PERIOD Facebook group


+ Access to my carefully curated PMS + PERIOD playlists on Spotify


Dear one,


what are you waiting for?

You deserve to experience PMS times that bring you clarity instead of emotional tornados.

You deserve to be relieved from intense period pain.

You deserve to understand the secrets that your body wants to reveal to you so badly.

You deserve to start your journey of healing your PMS + periods and transition into a positive PMS + PERIOD era from now on until you enter your wise years after menopause.

The knowledge, wisdom & science that can help you with this are right at your fingertips. 

Today you have a choice.

You can choose to learn how to embrace your PMS + PERIOD.

Are you ready?




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