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Embody Your Cycle: 
a 6-month container for those who desire to get to the root of their cycle issues.

You just know that there is more support out there than you have been told by your practitioner.

You also know that your body has an ability to heal and that your symptoms are trying to tell you something. 

I help cyclical folks like you feel supported, heard and seen on their healing journey. 

We will take a close look at your health history and experiences, get clear on your goals and create a plan tailored to your unique needs to ensure your best outcomes when it comes to your hormonal wellness, period health and overall well-being. 


Are you tired of endlessly Googling and your doctor only offers you hormonal birth control to solve your period problems?

In my practice, I use a holistic approach that weaves together evidence-based research, science, body-based practices, nutrition and a supportive safe space to address your specific hormone- and period related issues.

If you are ready to go deep on all levels, this container is for you. 

Is this container right for you?

People who hire me are:

✓ determined to balance their hormones and want regular cycles

✓ desire to ease their PMS, cramps and period pain

✓ open for a more holistic way when it comes to healing (instead of popping pills)

✓ overwhelmed by doing it all by themselves and need help and support from an expert

✓ feeling lost but also really feeling they need help with their cycle

✓ committed to their healing and ready to invest in their health

✓ done with "quick fix" solutions like hormonal birth control
✓ not feeling supported by their regular caregiver and want to take charge of their own wellbeing

Is this you? Then Embody Your Cycle is for you!

6 months of 1:1 support

Know that when you commit to your own healing by working with me, that you will receive personalized guidance and attention, and that you will be accessing years of experience as well as thousands of hours of research and working with people who are exactly where you are. 

Embody Your Cycle is a 6-month container that includes 1:1 support from me, and incredible down-to-earth, no-nonsense, evidence-based tools to support you on your journey.

What is included:

  • An in-depth health history analysis

  • Analysis of your food, poop & mood journal

  • A 90 min. goal-setting session

  • 8x 60 min. coaching sessions

  • Access to my signature programs Body & Blood + The Cycle Code

  • E-mail & What's App support during office hours

  • My undivided attention and commitment to your healing

Usually €3997 now only €2997


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