Hey darling woman,

These are quite overwhelming times. And it is important to tend to the tender gardens that are our precious cyclical bodies. They are, in the end, the vessels coping with everything. 

Are you done living in a linear productivity-oriented manner and want to finally tap into your cyclical ways and rhythms?


Are you ready to receive the wisdom that you should have received from the moment you started menstruating?

Are you needing a retreat but due to the current worldly situation that’s not really possible?


No worries, I got you, sis.


CYCLE WISE ONLINE RETREAT is here to tap into cyclical living with you, from the cozy comfort of your own home. 


Our menstrual cycle is a potent teacher when the world is upside down and this retreat is designed to assist you in keeping your soul soft and your inner compass strong -- your menstrual cycle and intelligent nervous system are good friends to keep you company in these crazy times.

I invite you you to TAKE SOME TIME OFF during your quarantine and dedicate it fully to YOU and your precious cyclical body.
This is a loving invitation to SLOW DOWN, be surrounded by like-minded women, be held in a sacred space and connect with your menstrual cycle rhythms -- all from the comfort of your cosy home.



  • Move from feeling weirdly alienated from your body and cycle to having all the tools to tap into the wisdom of your menstrual cycle every single day.


  • Start dropping all shame and taboo regarding your period, and activate your inner power and epic creative flow.

  • Make the most of your quarantine time by dividing your time according to your menstrual cycle.

  • Feel deeply purposeful instead of overwhelmed and anxious during these uncertain times.

  • You finally take the time to get out of the hustle and come to a stillness within, to get to know yourself.


The idea for the content of this retreat was born before the world went on lockdown and I had just planned to do an in-person retreat here on Malta where I live. Due to the current world situation this is not possible so I have decided to move this retreat online and offer you a sanctuary of peace, safety, softness and well-deserved rest.

Our feminine nervous systems are having a hard time now and this translates to our menstrual cycles immediately -- this is the first system affected when our worlds turn upside down (whether it is physically, emotionally, or mentally -- the body responds the same way) so they need extra love, kindness and tending.

This retreat is created to shift the attention from the craziness to YOU and your sacred cycle.

After this retreat you will:

✓ know how to implement deep cyclical rest in your day-to-day life

✓ be the guardian of your own cyclical wellness

✓ feel a sense of peace and stillness

✓ know how to self-regulate your nervous system

✓ know how to give yourself the attention you deserve (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually)

✓ feel a radical self-love towards yourself and your precious body

What you will receive:

✓ 6x Daily meditations VALUED AT €300

✓ 4x Daily + monthly schedule formats (for each phase of your cycle) VALUED AT €100

✓ 1x Opening Council for Cycle Wise VALUED AT €200

✓ 4x Cycle Circles VALUED AT €800

✓ 1x Closing Council for Cycle Wise VALUED AT €200

✓ Cycle Wise Workbook VALUED AT €200




✓  Bonus 1: 4x Invocations for each phase of your menstrual cycle VALUED AT €200

✓ Bonus 2: Cycle Rituals workbook with rituals for each phase of your menstrual cycle VALUED AT €100

✓ Bonus 3: 30min Feminine Body Scan meditation VALUED AT €125

✓ Bonus 4: Cycle Recipes + Seed Cycling Protocol VALUED AT €150

✓ Bonus 5: 4 Spotify Playlists for your cycle phases VALUED AT €100



Total value: €2475


Is Cycle Wise for You?

Before the world locked down, you were already praying for some rest, a retreat or a weekend away. And then shit went down.. Aah!

No worries sis, I got you! 

This retreat is for every woman who has been needing a break for way too long now. 

The world is showing us more and more {burn-out anyone???} that the path of grind, force, struggle and overwhelm is no longer the way forward.

It's time for nap culture, feminine flow, and cyclical living.

You will complete this retreat as a fully refreshed person -- a woman who has reclaimed her right to rest and who is completely aware of her inner rhythms.


A typical retreat day:

Wake up

Meditation + Movement with Iris (30 minutes)

Your Breakfast

Slow you-time (you will receive a list with inspiration)

11am Live Cycle Class with Iris (60-90 minutes)

Your lunch


Cycle Journaling + Exercices (60 minutes)

Relax time

Your Dinner

After dinner rest

Cycle ritual time

Feminine body scan meditation


Yes I want to join!

Pay in full:




Why would you want to work with me?

Hi! I'm Iris Josephina

I am a leading holistic womb guide and the first person in the Netherlands & Malta who works in-depth and on ALL levels with menstrual cycles for nearly 10 years now. I have worked with hundreds of women like you. I connect the science, the subtle and the sacred -- and by doing that, my work is in-depth, comprehensive and holistic.
I know how it feels to feel completely lost in my own menstrual cycles and body after hormonal birth control wreaked havoc on my mental, physical and emotional health. I know how it feels to long to be in touch with inner rhythms and I know exactly how to do that. 
In all my work, I strive to work on a personal and tailormade level (also in the context of a group) because all of our bodies and cycles are unique.


On top of that, NOT EVERY COACH: 


  • Has 10+ years of experience in healing and working with the power of women’s womb cycles from periods to postpartum.


  • Received various diplomas and credentials in the field of holistic women’s health and wellness


  • Studied with renowned mentors to master innovative + evidence-based methods in the areas of menstrual cycle awareness, pelvic health, stress prevention & management, pregnancy & birth assistance, and trauma-informed coaching.

  • Apprenticed with indigenous midwives and mastered energetic embodiment practices designed for female bodies.

  • Offers you a deeply supportive community with like-minded women to share your journey with.

What others say about working with me:

Frequently asked questions

How much time to I need to spend on the retreat per day?

I suggest to calculate about 4 hours maximum per day.
An example:
-morning movement and meditation: 30 minutes
-live class with Iris: 90 minutes
-exercises in the afternoon: 60 minutes
-cycle rituals: 60 minutes You can divide eat, nap and relax time as you please (:

Can I also join when I have to work from home or have to take care of my kids?

Yes! It is recommended to make as much space for the retreat on your schedule as possible, but I understand if you have family responsibilities too. This is why ALL live content will be recorded and is available for you to watch later.
I would suggest to make space for the retreat every day for a few hours to keep the rhythm.

How long do I have access to the content?

You have life-long access to all meditations, PDFs and live classes.
The Facebook group will be deleted 2 weeks after the retreat to protect everyone's privacy.
The Facebook live videos will then be uploaded in the online learning platform so you can still watch them.

Can I also join if I do not identify as a woman but have female anatomy?

Yes, you can. Although heteronormative language will be used sometimes, you are still welcome to join and discuss with me if you would prefer me to use both heteronormative and non-binary language. E-mail me at info@cycleseeds.com to share with me what you would like.




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KvK: 59519916

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