Body & Blood: A 6-week revolutionary menstrual cycle foundations course

Most of us have been taught to ignore the signs of our body, and push through life when we are menstruating. 
But what if I told you that learning the language and flow of your body can help you to get rid of horrible period pains and discomfort?

What if I told you that becoming fluent in your inner rhythm's language will make your life easier?

Our bodies speak to us in a unique hormonal language. But many of us have no clue how to interpret its messages. 

If you are ready to change this, cultivate a relationship with your cyclical body and revolutionize the way you relate to your monthly bleed: then this course is for you. 

This course is currently available for self study. 

A couple of times per year this course will be guided by Iris; if you want to join the 6 week live course, get on the waitlist.


The Cyclical CEO:

A 6-month body & biz training

For way too long, people with menstrual cycles who also run businesses have been made to believe that the linear hustle + grind is the only way to run their business. But then a lot of them are burning out and have their hormones go out of whack around the clock!

I believe you deserve to know how to balance your body and boost your business -- at the same time!

I will show you that learning the language and flow of your body can help you restructure your business. 

I will help you understand that running your business according to your cycle will make you
less tired and more productive.

It's time we redefine what it means to run a business from a cyclical body and thrive physically and financially!