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Cycle Seeds

◎ 1:1 work
in my practice in Utrecht (the NL) or online


cycle+sexual well-being sessions

3 month coaching


◎ holistic + full-spectrum pregnancy, birth & postpartum doula services


1:1 work

cycle + sexual well-being sessions

in person*
60 minutes -- €75

90 minutes -- €111


60 minutes -- €69

90 minutes -- €105

Cycle + sexual well-being sessions are meant for people who are seeking to plant seeds for change in their lives regarding their cycles + sexuality. These sessions are centered around information, education and guidance regarding their body choices in contraception, holistic pregnancy & birth care in the Dutch system, and gaining tools for  navigating through it informed and confident. These sessions are also great for gaining literacy around the ovulation & menstrual cycle, sensuality & sexuality, and for creating clarity around options regarding healing inner cycles and what steps to take in and outside of the medical system. On top of that, cycle sessions are also here to support you all along your miscarriage and abortion choices, journeys and ways back home into your body. 

*in person sessions may also contain body work

3 month program

ROOT | month 1

2 sessions
focusing on rooting & grounding in what it is you want to work on

RISE | month 2

3 sessions
focusing on rising in your options & body choices 

BLOOM | month 3

2 sessions
focusing on deep implementation & constructively moving forward, embracing your body stories

You'll receive:
◎ 7 x 1:1 sessions
(75 minutes each w/ 15 min. bonus time)
◎ 1 follow up call after 6 months
◎ undivided attention & deep listening
◎ knowledge, education, science, trustworthy resources 
◎ practices & exercises
(based in experiential anatomy, body-mind centering, body literacy, holistic doula & midwifery practices, science, breath work, hormone yoga, optimal pelvic alignment work, empirical knowledge, evidence based research)
◎ homework
◎ a reading list
◎ all sessions are recorded & yours to keep
◎ app/e-mail support from me throughout the full 3 months during office hours if you have questions


ROOT | RISE | BLOOM is meant for people who are ready to encounter themselves on a deeper level to blossom, bloom and belong in their bodies, no matter what the cycle is they are in. This coaching program is custom designed to your specific path and requires a sense of responsiblity & accountability, as well as time & financial investment

Typically people come in for longer programs if: they want to optimize their bodies, cycles & lifestyles to conceive, if they want to consciously quit hormonal birth control, if they are in IUI/IVF trajectories and need extra support, and for care & follow up after miscarriage or abortion. A 3 month support program is also here to offer guidance and support to heal from trauma (f.e. sexual, obstetric violence and/or birth trauma) This program offers deep healing & alignment work using modern tools that blend both science & wisdom.

Applications for ROOT | RISE | BLOOM are open now (there are limited spots!). Fill out the application form to schedule your free call so we can get to know each other. 

Holistic +Full Spectrum Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Support

◎ holistic & full-spectrum pregnancy care
◎ deep birth preparation

◎ undivided birth attendance
◎ gentle mama-centered postnatal support & care


For information about all your options & to feel whether we are a match, you can schedule an intake with me.


◎ also offered: childbirth education sessions


The benefits of hiring a doula:

28% less likely to have a cesarean section

31% less likely to use synthetic oxytocin to speed up labor

9% less likely to use pain medication

34% less likely to experience their childbirth experience negatively
(Resource: Childbirth Connection)

Cycle Seeds' fields of expertise:

  • Cycle & Sexual Well-Being

  • Ovulation & Menstrual Cycles

  • Body Literacy | Body Choices | Body Belonging

  • Informed Consent

  • Pelvic Health & Alignment

  • Natural Fertility & the Fertility Awareness Methods

  • Quitting Hormonal Contraceptives Consciously

  • Nourishing with Nutrition

  • Sustainable Choices regarding Pregnancy, Birth & Life with Child 

  • Full-spectrum Pregnancy & Birth Support

  • Postpartum Care

  • Placenta Care

What people say

"At the time when I was pregnant, Iris was the only person who fully believed in me and my body, and that I could birth my baby how I wanted it."





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