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The Radiant Womb is a 90 day life-changing VIP immersion to heal and activate the power + guidance of your sacred womb space & cycles to create an aligned, radiant and purposeful life.

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Have you been chasing solutions to your irregular cycles, hormonal birth control issues, and seeming inability to access pleasure?


Doctors keep plugging their ears and you’re starting to wonder if you’re crazy.

The toll on your body wreaks havoc on your peace of mind, spiking your stress levels and driving the intimacy wedge between you and your partner even deeper.

You know something needs to change but you haven’t figured out what?

I got you, sis. Let me tell you something:



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Do you want to talk to me about:

✓ your menstrual cycle
✓ your experiences with birth control and your options

✓ rebuilding relations to your body / menstrual cycle
✓ holistic approaches to menstrual pain and imbalance
✓ understanding premenstrual tension and intensity
✓ learning to navigate your menstrual cycle with your lover/partner

✓ reinhabiting your pelvis and womb (after trauma, birth or just in general)
✓ (re)embodying sexuality & exploring sexuality in each phase of the cycle

✓ (re)connecting with creativity and creative expression of your womb cycles
✓ pleasure and self-pleasure
✓ cultivating body consciousness & intuition
✓ menstruation & the work place
✓ boundaries + communicating your needs

✓ fertility awareness methods
✓ reclaiming rest
✓ your relationship/partner and sexuality
✓ the birth of your baby 

✓ menstrual cycle awareness & social justice + activism

✓ or something else related to your body, cycles, birth or sexuality...

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Why work with me?

If you are a conscious woman living in the 21st century, you’ve been bombarded by media and mainstream messages about your body that leave you feeling like being a woman is a constant war. One day, you’re too much — too loud, too sexy, too menstrual — and the next day you’re not enough — not fit enough, not confident enough, not doing enough. 

I was once that woman who thought she needed to DO everything by herself and I was so exhausted. I believed that needing support was a sure sign that I was a massive failure. Hormonal birth control wreaked havoc on my health, my menstrual cycles made my life hell, and I felt the ‘war’ with my body daily.


Then, I woke up in the jungle of Colombia with a completely numb leg, unable to move. I was terrified, alone, and a call to my doctor confirmed what I had suspected for some time: the Pill that was ‘saving’ me from pregnancy was slowly ruining my health from the inside out. 


After an intensive journey to deeply heal myself on a cellular, emotional, generational, and spiritual level, I knew that I had to share my wisdom with women and help transform this health crisis into a rising of strong, well, and body-wise women. 

This is a loving invitation to skip doing it on your own and learn how to intimately communicate with your body while being deeply held and supported. This is your chance to shift from feeling alienated from your womb space and body integrity, to being a fully embodied woman who speaks her deepest truth in each phase of her body’s sacred cycles, and knows her place in the world.

We all need these potent tools to methods and teachings that I have gathered all over the world, from scientists, indigenous midwives, and healers so they can massively transform  your life, just like they transformed mine.

Here’s how I’m different from other coaches: I am not only a coach, but a guide, a body-science geek, full-spectrum doula, well woman yoga teacher, and midwife for menstrual cycles. I will help you transform your relationship to yourself, your body and your cycles forever.

It’s time to come home to yourself and your inner tender and wild soul, honey. The world is waiting for deeply embodied women who embrace their cycles, health and pleasure.




  • Has 10+ years of experience in healing and working with the power of women’s womb cycles from periods to postpartum.


  • Received various diplomas and credentials in the field of holistic women’s health and wellness


  • Studied with renowned mentors to master innovative + evidence-based methods in the areas of menstrual cycle awareness, pelvic health, stress prevention & management, pregnancy & birth assistance, and trauma-informed coaching.

  • Apprenticed with indigenous midwives and mastered energetic embodiment practices designed for female bodies.

  • Is a pioneer in her own country in regards to working around women's health by blending the science, the spiritual and the sacred.

  • Practices everything she preaches.

  • Understands that bringing power back to women has a positive effect on everyone -- when women are supported, everyone is.

  • Offers you a deeply supportive community with like minded women to share your journey with.




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