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a somatic womb-led 
preconception class

FERTILE GROUNDS is an in-depth class about the preconception phase - the time before pregnancy to prime the body before potentially calling in a little seed. 

We will gather in a circle in an interactive class where you will be learning about the dreaming, preparing,  practical, the patience and the wisdom we move through {wayyyy} before conceiving. 

This is not your average educational how-to workshop.

Even though I believe preconception can come with practical steps and guidelines, this workshop surely is not only that.  

We will sink down from our minds into our pelvis.

We will meet our body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
We will focus on the practical as well as the intuitive preparation.

We will allow ourselves to feel, and open up to our deeply inviting fertile potential.

We will connect to the primordial wisdom that awaits us in our wombs.
We will learn how to remember ourselves home first, before we receive a little seed.
Fertility is mainly about YOU.
Coming home to YOU.
Nourishing YOU.
Regardless of the outcome.



Working with Iris was the best choice we ever made. She takes time to listen deeply, gives advice where needed but most of all really knows what she is talking about. I would recommend everyone who is trying to conceive to work with her!


I got pregnant after working with Iris while my doctor said I would need an IVF trajectory. Iris helped to have confidence in my own body, understand how it works and responds to good nutrition, and she helped me understand my menstrual cycle so much better. I cannot thank her enough!

You deserve to experience the full spectrum of aliveness & vibrancy in your body before you conceive

It is your birthright to feel safe and settled in your cyclical body. Yet, so many parts of our education, society, culture, beliefs and mindsets have led us away from our body. Too many of us feel lost, disconnected, insecure and unsettled in their body. And then this often is the space from which we desire to get pregnant...

I am here to tell you how crucial and possible it is to land in your own body before you conceive.

It is possible and necessary to feel safe in your body.
It is possible to root down deep in your pelvis and prime your body + spirit for conception.
It is possible to gently prepare your body from a space of flow & trust instead of getting into the rigid linear structures we have learned when it comes to preparing.

There is a womb-led, pleasure based way to water your fertile grounds. And I am here to teach you ALL about it.


If you are ready to go deep on all levels, this workshop is for you. 

Is FERTILE GROUNDS right for you?


✓ crave a sacred pause to tune in to your cyclical body

desire to conceive in the {near} future

✓ are curious to know how you can prepare for conception in a gentle, soft and yet deeply supportive way

✓ are done with living in your mind only and want to drop down from your brain into your pelvis

✓ desire to live more in tune with your cyclical body

✓ are done abandoning your body and are ready to start coming home to it

✓ feel ready for opening up to the intuitive wisdom of your fertile body

✓ are exploring your fertility 

✓ are done with pushing your body according to patriarchal structures and want to reclaim a more womb-centred life
✓ desire to embody the science, the subtle and the sacred aspects of your cyclical body
 before you get pregnant

Come home to your body before someone calls your womb their first home

As a practitioner, I see a lot of people who never learned how to be present in their physical body, and specifically their pelvis.

For many folks, everything is mind-led. But conceiving and moving through a cyclical event is not a rational business of the body. YES, your hormones do start in your brain, but that's about it.

All the rest is a deeply somatic, intuitive, physiologic, spiritual process of unfolding, releasing, making space, healing, and coming home to self first before inviting a little seed. 

You are invited to come and explore your own fertile grounds from a somatic womb-led and trauma informed perspective.

The outline of this experience:

  • Introduction

  • The homecoming

  • The dreaming

  • The nourishment

  • The inviting

  • Sacred conception

  • Space for integration, sharing & questions


  • This class takes place via Zoom

  • Date: 17 June

  • Time: 7pm CET/1pm EDT/10am PDT

  • Duration: 2,5 hours 

Energy exchange: €69 (including VAT, excl. admin costs)



Iris taught me everything I needed to know to release my control around getting pregnant and how to use my cycle for conception with the fertility awareness method. 3 Months ago our daughter was born.

What does the FERTILE GROUNDS experience include?

Recording available for 9 days after the class to honor the collective energy of our experience. 

Opening circle & somatic womb experience {15 minutes}

120 minute guided preconception transmissions where we invite in the 5 pillars of preconception: The Homecoming, The Dreaming, The Nourishing, The Inviting, and Sacred Conception

✓ Handout of practices and tools to take home and return to whenever you need

Integration, Q&A and sharing {15 minutes}


Hi, I am Iris Josephina

I am in my preconception phase as we speak. This journey has been the most pleasureful, joyful, challenging, dark, playful, raw and honest journey of my entire life.
The ways in which I have met myself, my values, my worth is beyond what I have ever experienced.

I feel deeply at home in my own body.

I have never loved my body more than I do now.

Never before have I deeply understood my body more like I do now.

I know exactly what my body and cycle need to be nourished and thrive.

In this in-depth class, it is my wish I show you the potential for a preconception journey full of pleasure, resilience and a sense of belonging in your own cyclical body first - so you can bring all that goodness with you in your conception journey.

I have worked with hundreds of clients in their preconception journey over the last few years, AND I have assisted people during their pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I deeply understand the importance of gently doing the work BEFORE pregnancy because I have seen how hard it can get when one doesn't focus on preconception at all. 

You deserve to feel completely at home in your body and cycle.  You deserve to meet the darkness of your womb before your future potential baby lands there. 

Iris is a Hormonal Health Coach & Doula with a passion for functional nutrition, the cyclical body in all its phases, and helping people to optimize their cycles.

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