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preconception masterclass

What is Cyclical Ceremony?

I believe in the potential of collective cyclicality in circle -- I believe that witnessing our own body knowing that we are witnessed in our journey, has the potential for the deepest healing. 

We will gather in circle online an open ourselves up to the cyclical ceremonial land that is our animal body.
We will sink down from our minds into our pelvis.

We will meet our pelvic bone structure.

We will meet the ever-vibrant muscular landscape of our pelvic bowl.

We will connect our breath to our hearts and yoni.

We will allow ourselves to feel, and while we fiercely feel, open up to deep healing.

We will connect to the primordial wisdom that awaits us in our wombs.
We will remember ourselves home in our cyclical animal body.


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You deserve to experience the full spectrum of aliveness & vibrancy in your pelvis.

It is your birthright to feel safe and settled in your cyclical body. Yet, so many parts of our education, society, culture, beliefs and mindsets have led us away from our body. Too many of us feel lost, disconnected, insecure and unsettled in their body. 
I am here to tell you that it does NOT have to be this way.

It is possible to feel safe in your body.
It is possible to root down deep in your pelvis.

If you are ready to go deep on all levels, this container is for you. 

Is this ceremony right for you?


✓ crave a sacred pause to tune in to your cyclical body

✓ are done with living in your mind only and want to drop down from your brain into your pelvis

✓ desire to live more in tune with your cyclical body

✓ are done abandoning your body and are ready to start coming home to it

✓ feel ready for opening up to the intuitive wisdom of your body

✓ want to live in tune with your inner cycles instead of going against them

✓ are done with pushing your body according to the patriarchy and want to reclaim a more womb-centred life
✓ desire to embody the science, the subtle and the sacred aspects of your cyclical body

Dear one, how of

Come home to your body and be witnessed by a like-minded + like-bodied 

Know that when you commit to your own healing by working with me, that you will receive personalized guidance and attention, and that you will be accessing years of experience as well as thousands of hours of research and working with people who are exactly where you are. 

Embody Your Cycle is a 4-month container that includes 1:1 support from me, and incredible tools to support you on your journey.

What is included:

  • An in-depth health history analysis

  • A 90 min. goal-setting session

  • 8x 60 min. coaching sessions

  • Access to my signature program Body & Blood

  • E-mail & What's App support during office hours

  • My undivided attention and commitment to your healing

Usually €2997, now only €1800


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