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Exclusive corporate workshops to improve productivity & cyclical health in the workplace

Do you want to offer your cyclical employees the most useful day at work of their lives?!

Don't look any further.

In my groundbreaking workshops I teach you and your team to work WITH their menstrual cycles and how to optimize productivity in the work place.

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Signature PERIODS@WORK workshop


During this workshop we will be covering the difference between linear and cyclical living, and how we can live more in sync and flow with our bodies instead of constantly grinding and battling against them.

Our bodies are not made to fit in a linear structure because we are cyclical, and yet.. Many of us submit to linear structures in our lives, work and business if we run one. This can lead to burn-out, lack of energy, lack of purpose etc.

Learn about your menstrual cycle -- your inner planning system that can help you have more energy, be more productive, and feel on top of your game -- the cyclical way! It's time to take charge of your menstrual cycle & overall health + wellness so you know exactly how to thrive in all areas of your life - at work but also at home.

Topics covered:

  • cyclical living vs. linear living + cyclical productivity vs. linear productivity

  • male vs female bodies and how they function differently hormonally

  • redefining productivity & shifting to understanding cyclical productivity

  • cyclical planning & scheduling at work & at home

  • cyclical moving/exercise

  • cyclical nutrition

  • supporting your body when your cycle needs some balancing + the -most common period issues and how to tackle them

  • Q&A

3 hours 

on site or online

Price on request.

This workshop is for you if:

  • you want to offer your employees the most life-changing workshop of their lives

  • you want to constructively improve productivity in your team without coming across as push

  • you desire for your employees to be their best selves at work

  • you want to offer something innovative to your cyclical employees

  • you want to show your employees that you deeply care about their well-being

  • you are ready to ditch old work paradigms and are ready for intelligent changes that improve productivity, well-being and health

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