Birth Doula Services

in-person full spectrum doula services for parents-to-be

birth doula services

Birth and postpartum preparation during pregnancy is the most important work I do with my clients. I find it very important you are informed regarding the choices you can make concerning pregnancy, birth, postpartum -- for yourself, your baby and your family.

I work with clients who are desiring a natural (vaginal), cesarean or VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean.  I currently work on Gozo, Malta and in the Netherlands (upon request).

A doula's role is to provide a mother and her partner with continuous support during labor. A doula is trained to give emotional, physical and (if desired) spiritual support. She provides the mother and their partner with information so they can make informed decisions regarding her pregnancy, birth and postpartum -- for herself, as well as for her baby and family. A doula also supports a mother's partner to remain at ease during the labor and  birthing process.

Having a doula present helps you to lower the risk of interventions, inductions and is proven to generate less need for medical pain relief. Having emotional and informational support from a doula has been proven to comfort parents-to-be and encourages positive birth outcomes and experiences.

All sessions take place in-person (in your home).

Birth Doula Services:

  • initial meeting to get to know each other and ask me questions

  • prenatal informational session regarding your options (all information is evidence based)

  • prenatal session regarding your labor/birth/postpartum wishes, concerns & fears (for both you and your partner)

  • prenatal session about what your partner can do for you during birth (coping techniques, pain relief, communication skills)

  • unlimited support via text/What's App, phone, and e-mail during office hours

  • 24/7 on call support from  37 weeks on until labor starts via text/What's App, phone, and e-mail

  • continuous labor + birth support

  • go-to person for your partner during labor if they need to ask a question or need advice on how to support you

  • postpartum visit (in your home or the hospital)


What I do:

  • recognize this is a major event in your life

  • tending your physical needs (reminding you to pee, drink, eat)

  • rely on the intelligence of physiology, anatomy & evidence based birth + understanding the most important needs of laboring & birthing mothers

  • talk you through emotional/physical challenges

  • provide deep encouragement and reassurance

  • provide physical comfort measures such as massage, optimal maternal and fetal positioning, breathing techniques, movement advice, etc.

  • support mother + partner in their choices

  • assisting in negotiating your preferences for birth and help you being heard and understood -- especially if what you & your partner want and what the hospital suggest does not seem to correlate

  • support you in the choices you make

  • provide undivided birth attendance


What I do NOT do:

  • perform clinical checks (e.g. vaginal exams, fetal heart monitoring)

  • judge your choices

  • make decisions for you or your partner

  • give medical advice

  • assist hands-on in the delivery of your baby

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